Seeing Red-A rant about Red Lantern

Why do we need a Human rage Lantern? I don’t understand it to tell the truth. I was happy with all the alien lanterns, I don’t think having the same race that I am would change the story that much. Or make me feel better about the human race as a whole. Then again, I’m the asshole who roots for the aliens against humans in any movie; because it doesn’t make any other sense to me. We won’t win an alien invasion. We are too self-absorbed to help other people. Think about it, when you see a mother with small kids struggling to get her grocery bags into the car, you don’t help her. Hell, I bet you laugh when she drops the milk and it spills everywhere. But that is beside the point.
A human Rage lantern. What if you had bad road rage, would that qualify you into becoming a rage lantern? I get mad when someone steals my last coke out of the fridge. Or I’m a girl, so once a month, I might turn into one? Why did it have to be a new human joining the team? Why couldn’t he already have been there? I mean, I’m not a pig and I still enjoyed the shit out of Animal Farm. As long as you have someone who is well rounded as a character, and believable, what does it matter what species they are a part of?
Lets look at Dex-star, the happy little rage cat. I can relate to him very well; I have felt powerless to help someone I loved, have rage issues and enjoy sleeping in sunspots. I’m not a cat, thou if I did and could type up my own blog I would be the coolest fucking cat on the block. That would warrant my own tv show don’t you think? Dex-star being a cat didn’t change how affective his story was. He watched his own killed, whom he loved very much and she was ripped from him. That is something anyone can understand, hell, anyone who has kids that is their greatest fear. And I don’t blame them. It is painful, to lose someone you love go.
So Dex-star story is relatable, Why do we really need John Moore, or Rankorr’s story? Why did they present his story this way? Does having a human on the team really chance anything about that corps? No. All the stories there are relatable and they didn’t need a human to make this story any more or less powerful. In fact, having the human is….just kinda making it the new Green Lantern Corp. While Rankorr isn’t the first human to be a Red Lantern, I know Guy became one for a bit, I’m pretty sure that he is the one that is going to last a while. So he is the Hal Jordan of Rage? (And am I the only one who want Hal to once, just once say, I can’t let you do that, Dave? 2001? Anyone? WHAT IS IT’S A GOOD MOVIE!)
Is Rankorr just a Hal clone? I hope not. But his Origin story had a little bit of the feel that, yea, he is the Hal Jordan of the Rage Lanterns. That seems so cheap to me. Why couldn’t he be in the ranks before the story started, and we got his history in flashbacks like everyone else. And His rage was so understandable, like everyone feels. People get angry, and sometimes it’s over stupid things. Hell, I know I have rage issues, but doesn’t mean I don’t try to keep control on it.
Shit, think about, John got his ring because he had one slip up and had a shit fit. Now he is a rage Lantern. That could happen to anyone. Hell, someone hits your car and it is the final straw and you fucking lose it. Rage Lantern.
But rage runs out. That is the thing about this crops that doesn’t work well. Yes, you can lose your willpower, or love, but it will come back. Those ideas, for the most part, are always around in the back of your mind. Rage….not so much. Some people are never pushed to the breaking point in rage. They never feel it. Using that as something to fuel a group of people trying….
And that is another thing, are they trying to fight crime with murder? That really doesn’t work to well. That is like stealing someone’s bike to show them, stealing bikes is wrong.
And it was addressed that you have to make yourself angry again, because you lose the rage after a while. That….just seemed like a writer dodge, and how many people have the people who wronged them around to punch in the chest? Yea, I don’t.
Which brings me to another thing, this is a corps made up of people who can’t control themselves. That is what rage is. It is uncontrollable anger, and it is hard to just, put a lid on it and get anything done. If you have the ability to put a lid on it, you can’t really have any rage. You are just mad. This is not a way that would have warrant having a whole crops made up of people who can’t control themselves. They would just become mindless killers. Which clearly they are trying to be a little more than that.
I like the series. I don’t understand it. I can’t see where they are going, because you really can’t bring control to rage, because then it isn’t just rage any more. It really can’t be. The whole idea is a little flawed.

Sorry no scans this time around. I’m sick in bed and not getting up. Maybe I will edit later and throw some up.


Another thing about Ma Kent

Yea, I know I said I wasn’t gonna post on weekends, but then this got posted on my facebook….

My Friends know me too well.

Fanastically Fun Friday

You walked right into that one.


Anyone get the feeling that he should have been slapped a long time ago?

Shh, don't give Jimmy attention Lois, then he would think he was people.

I don't know what is worst, he looks drunk and She has such suicide lust look on her face over the thought of Batman penis.

Clark is regretting letting Jimmy near his apartment.

The list

I realized I haven’t posted the list of what I read. And that I didn’t have a post ready for today, because school work has flooded me.

So this is just going to be a quick list of my pull list/ trades I plan on getting.

Pull list first-

Justice League of American

Jutice League International

Justice League Dark


Wonder Woman

Green Lantern

Green Lantern New Guardians

Green Lantern Corps

Red Lantern

Suicide Squad


Batman: Dark Knight

Batman: Detective Comics

Batman and Robin

Batman Beyond

Batman Inc

Batman Arkham Unhinged

And that is it for now. And Yes, I know that is a lot of Batman, but we already knew I love him. Moving on to trades.

Trades I plan on picking up;




Birds of Prey

Teen Titans


Red hood and The Outlaws

Green Arrow

Doom Partol

And I am alway opened to suggestion, because that is how I roll. Sorry it is such a small post tonight, it has been a long day.

Suicide Squad, Aka, Deadshot can’t catch a break.

First of all, I’m trying this week to not sit there and write love letters to Batman. Which I image is a little noticeable.

So I’m taking a look at Suicide Squad. Or the Deadshot show as I have taken to calling it.

Anyone got any hot Sauce?

And I found out one fact about myself. There is just something about watching Deadshot carry a baby around that makes me go, awwwww. Look at the big evil assassin. He likes babies. I mean he doesn’t let anyone else touch him. It is like he likes them or something. Or he wants one. To eat.  And Harley, but that is another story all together.

Well, let’s start with that. What is the point of having Deadshot and Harely hook up? She is in love with the Joker after all, and I’m not sure if I want that power couple broken up; thou the Joker has seem to move on with another woman, a White Rabbit to tell the truth. (And more on her later) And Harley thinks he is dead. Having Harely hook up with any one beside Poison Ivy is just, weird. Harley is Joker’s gal damnit, and Deadshot just got his rocks off, as he put it. Didn’t his mother ever teach him that isn’t how you speak to a woman? Clearly not. You lie, Deadshot, as a chance to get back into her pants. So you can get your rocks off again. Or a baby to eat. Now you may have killed your chance. And I am with Harely, it is going to happen again. The next chance they get. Because why the hell not. Not like they aren’t going to get a chance again, and cutting each other is just foreplay to them.

Deadshot knows how to talk to the Ladies, note the baby lunch in arms.

It feels like this whole series, is just watching Deadshot get screwed over left and right. Which he knows is happening, and just choses to live with it. And it isn’t like he didn’t see it coming. He is a villain after all working for the government. He knows that he is going to get fucked. It is the government after all. I wish he would quit acting like he doesn’t know it is going to happen. He should just bend over and get it over with.

Oh, and the whole baby thing. We get it. He has a daughter. They hinted at it so bad I am surprised they haven’t slapped us across the face with it. Why does it matter? They haven’t told us, and I’m sure as shit, he won’t wouldn’t want some guy to tell his daughter he was just getting his rocks off.

And it kills me that Amanda Waller doesn’t  see that this might blow up in her face. Or maybe she does and doesn’t care. And didn’t she used to be fat? Like a fatty fatty cake….

GODDAMN SHE GOT HOT! Why make Amanda Waller hot? She was great as Amanda ‘the Wall’ Waller. That is why we loved to hate her…when you make her hot…it is like you make her dumber. That’s a problem. She was the shit before, why did she have to drop a few dress sizes? Can we still call her the Wall? What difference did that make? I mean, who is getting their rocks off to Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller? Hands up who faps to her….nevermind, I don’t want to know.

After all, how long before the Justice League finds out about them? And will want to put a stop to it. Because Batman likes to be the only crime fighting team in town and that does appear to be what they are doing. In a backassward way.

And of course the government’s answer to stopping crime is to use super villains to go around and kill those who are committing crimes. Let’s think about that for a second. That is fighting fire with an a bomb, someone is going to ending up fucking it all to hell, and people are going to get killed. So it will nice to see how the ride plays out.

Oh, and the Joker isn’t dead. Not sure how he will take to Deadshot making on his girl. Or maybe we get to see Harley and him go at it for cheating on each other? That would be amazing. And would probably end in clown sex….

Okay, am I now the only one just developed a fear of clowns?

It is okay, they're coworkers.

Just a silly follow up on Superman….

My friend posted this on my facebook wall after reading my last blog post.

I thought I would share because I busted out laughing when I saw it.

It is from Saturday Morning Breakfast Ceral. Which you can see more here.

Superman….what can I say about Superman

Just wait for it Clark

I know I will not win any friends with this, so I will come out and say it.

I kind of hate Superman. I mean, not like in a want him to die in a fire. But I really don’t care for him. I can’t really explain why, but I think it comes down to how he solves all his problems. Which always had been, punch it. That just has no appeal to me, and I am not going to turn this into another batman love letter, but let’s look at him for a second.

Batman does, yes, solve his problems by punching them, but there is thought behind it. He takes his time, plans out his attacks, and then goes for it with a backup plan in place.  That makes for an interesting read, and to see how he will pull it off when we are not given the all information that he has about it.

Superman….just doesn’t. He doesn’t care that much about it. He just punches it and goes home. Has dinner, and it is just like something odd that happened on his ride home. That is it. He is in bed by ten with no ill effects.

So….where is the fun in that? that just isn’t interesting to me. Falls into the level of, watching paint dry. He is just, to perfect. He always wins the fight because he is Superman. Batman, unlike Supes, has to use some skills to win his fights, so it is interesting to see how he gets it done. Supes just punches it.

But, there is Lois Lane. And she kicks ass. Always has. Always will. Even in the new series, she still is cut throat, smart, and strong woman that she has always been. And I am glad at least that hasn’t changed. I think breaking up their marriage for the reboot is mistake. We already know he is going to end up with Lois again, you can’t have Superman without Lois Lane. That is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no bread. And just spreading the peanut butter and Jelly on your hands, all you get is a mess.

Though, having Martha and Jonathan Kent dead makes me sad. I liked them too. They were like everyone’s parents in the Justice League, and I think Martha proved in the Blackest Night that is she is the biggest bad ass in the DCU. She took out a black Lantern with a torch and a fucking dog. That is a bad ass mother fucker right there. And she raised superman. Martha Kent is the shit.

Aside Idea for a comic: Lois Lane and Ma Kent go around fighting crime together and kicking major ass. How amazing would that be? I mean, Ma Kent baking cookies for the church bake sale by day and going after drug lords by night? She is badass enough to do it. Lois is the mouthy side kick. That is shit I would read.

That all that being said, I found myself liking his new series. Which makes me feel dirty for the second time writing this blog. But I do. I’m beginning to like Superman.

I think the reinvention of this character has made him a little more likeable and therefore more enjoyable to read. When my Fiancée said we should get it, I tried to talk him out of it. I’m glad he didn’t listen for once. Yea, as Superman, Kal is able to take any threat that comes his way, but as Clark Kent, Kal is forced to lose everything all over again. It’s not one of those, as someone who isn’t a fan of Superman, pointing and laughing at him. I feel bad for him too.  They have made me sympathy to a character I never really cared for. That is amazing to me.

That is a fair point....

I think I really got sold on the series was issue #3 were they are addressing what is the real nature of superman and if they are better with him or without him. It is a fair point, being that it is taxpayer dollars that pay for all the damages that his fights inflict on the city.


I mean, I bet Batman pays for the windows he breaks. Not like he can’t afford it. But Superman, breaks buildings and destroys half the city and Metropolis people love him for it. Batman breaks windows and they want his head on a plate, I don’t get it. Maybe the people in Gotham are just mad their superhero doesn’t fly? I hope this shows up again, it would be fun to see protest over Superman like Gotham has over Batman. I feel it needs to show up again, or Metropolis is full of more crazies than Gotham. And it would be fun to see Supes be a little more careful with building damnit. They don’t grow on trees.

I don’t really have much more to say about him. And since I enjoy his comic now, I can’t really say I hate him. The first arc was really interesting and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. But it was, kinda bland. No Night of Owls, but not bad. Mid-range, which isn’t bad at all. I don’t really have any big predictiors on this, because I don’t know supes’s history very well, so I will just sit back and watch it. And was that Kara at end of issue 7? If not, who was that?

I guess this post just proves I’m on the fence about Supes. I don’t were I stand any more. The reboot is making me enjoy the comic more than the old stuff. But I still have mixed feeling about it. I mean, I just look at his story and go, huh, wonder what will happen next. It isn’t like with Wonder Woman or Batman, were I can’t wait for the month to be over and I get to know what happens next.

Because, I think on some level, I know what is going to happen next. Superman is going to punch it, go home and have raman noodles for dinner. Bed by 9.

Edit: I’m trying to say he is bland, and I don’t get why people think he is the best hero ever. He isn’t. Hell, if he didn’t have these powers, he won’t be fighting crime, at all. He would just be some guy who is living in a city doing a dead end job. Whoes parents are dead…And who is in love with a woman who is boning other men causally but not him.