In Defense of the Reboot

So DC has rebooted 52 titles, and this has caused many rants on how it was a bad idea, and how they have ruined all the series, etc.

I would be lying if I said there weren’t some problems. Comics have always had some problems with storytelling, like how the fuck Batman managed to be everywhere at once. There are only 24 hours in a day, 8 of those are dark enough for him to do the Batman stuff. The man has no superpowers, my ass! Clearly he can bend time and fucking space. AND NO ONE NOTICES THIS! Or they’re too polite to say anything.

By breaking out the continuities to be in other worlds, and not linking all the comics, we can see things we would never been able to before.  Like  stop cock teasing us readers with Batman and Wonder Woman knocking boots only to have one of them, or both, take a big shit on the relationship before it has a chance to go somewhere because it would be damn near impossible for it to be written in their standalone comics.

But let’s look at one comic that I have seen a lot of people make comments about: Wonder Woman.

First off, why is it a big deal that she is now a demi-god and not what she was before, a golem? At least now she is something from Greek Mythology that wasn’t just a woman brought to life to be fucked. (The main Golem story in Greek Mythology is Pygmalion, in which a man makes a statue that he falls in love with and the gods bring her to life so he can sleep with her. Yeah, that is how Wonder Woman should come in being.) It doesn’t change who she is, she is still Diana. Now her powers make more sense, if anything. I also feel like this is an argument on where Zeus’s sperm was placed. Before it was in mud, and now it was in her mother. It is better than some of the other Greek myths. She was still, on some level, made out of love. Now she isn’t mud running around with magic powers, she is a real, living breathing person. I like that better. But the way she was created doesn’t change who is, she is still Diana. It really is a small thing. Does your birth change if it was in a house or hospital?

Second, the sons of the Amazons. It was nice to see that part of the mythos addressed. The Amazons in Greek Culture treated men like sperm banks, and they did use them in that way. Depending on which group of Amazons they were, they would force the men to live with them as sex slaves. And kill male babies. So it is what it is.

Third, Diana has a real problem now and I think this is the most important. I mean, all the DC Superheroes seem to have one over arcing problem.

Let’s look at the big three. Batman has the fact he can’t bring himself to deal with the deaths of his parents. When you really look at him, he really acts like if he deals with their death, he is going to lose what makes him Batman, and he can’t protect Gotham. And on some level, he is right. If Batman comes to terms with their death, accepts it and moves on, why would he work as hard at being Batman?

Superman has to deal with the fact that, in the end, he is the biggest risk to Lois’s life. Let’s face it; he is going to have a hand in her death. If it isn’t one of his foes taking her out, it is going to be himself in some way, shape or form. And he knows it.

And now we come to Diana’s biggest problem, before the reset…..

She can’t get a date. I know, but hear me out for a second. She is able to take out every villain that comes her way, and she does a have a few regrets, but the main problem she had was that she couldn’t get the guy she liked to take her out to dinner. She was rejected a lot. Steve Trevor ended up with Etta Candy; Superman has Lois; Aquaman has Mera; and Batman and her like to play a cat and mouse game where they both have hammers to hit each other when one gets too close.  Yeah, she ends up with Tom Tesser for a while, but then the Blackest Night happens and she ends up making out with a Batman hologram thing. So in short, her love life is her biggest problem. To Quote Cartman, THAT IS SO LAME!

The reset of her story fixes that. She is going to go through some growth as a person, and it is going to be fun to see how she deals with it. She is going to have to rethink what it means to be an Amazon and if she wants that title any more, or if she is just going to be Wonder Woman. She said while Artemis was running around as Wonder Woman that she is who she is, and that is all that matters. Don’t we want to see these characters grow? Or do we want to see the stories we have already seen, over and over again? Because if that is the case, I am not looking forward to Batman being raped by Talia again, or Talia going batshit crazy. I liked her when she was semi-sane. OR do we go real far back and put Wonder Woman in the JLA just answering phones again? If that is what you want to see, then go buy the old graphic novels, and ignore the new shit. Then you can reread them over and over again. I will be living in the future and not bitch at the hand that feeds me.

The Reboot can NOT be compared to the world we have seen before. This is a whole new set of rules, and there are going to be some game changes. Yeah, I am annoyed that they made Amanda Waller skinny and that Superman and Lois aren’t together (because we all know how it is going to end), but there has to be a reason and method to the madness. And there are good things too. Like the fact that Barbara Gordon can walk again. I think we should do what we always did, read the stories and enjoy the ride.



  1. While I enjoy your optimism, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on the reboot, because it’s making me less interested in the DC Universe in general and titles are dropping from my pull list like flies. 😦

    As for why fans have their proverbial panties in a bunch about Wonder Woman’s new origin, I’m not really a follower of the character, but there appear to be two major bones of contention:

    1. Her new origin story is now essentially a ripoff of Cassie “Wonder Girl” Sandsmark’s origin since she’s also a daughter of Zeus.

    2. Wonder Woman’s existence has now become dependent upon a man, which detracts substantially from her symbolic value as a feminist icon in many ways to say nothing of her uniqueness. In every previous origin story, she was molded from clay by Queen Hippolyta and granted life by the three goddesses (Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena, if I remember correctly), so she owed her entire existence to women alone. No men were involved in her creation. Now she’s the daughter of Zeus – like many of the Greek pantheon and others already are – and who and what she is ultimately derives half of what she is from a male. That’s a significant step down in the eyes of many.

    • Yea, those were pretty much why I wrote this. I understand and respect the arguement, but honestly, how often does origin really come up for her? Or any character for that matter, besides Batman. And I don’t see how her father being Zeus makes her dependent on a man? He was never there. And she doesn’t seem to give much of a crap about it so I don’t see why we should. I don’t see how having her have a father changes her so much that she is ruined forever as a femenist Icon. It makes it sound like she was one based solely on the fact no men made her, which isn’t a good reason. I always felt it was because what she told for, and for me, that hasn’t changed. If they were looking at her origin only, they were looking in the wrong spot.

      I wrote this a while before posting it, when it first changed, and while I don’t completely love the new origin, but I am not gonna cry that it is ruined forever it. It was one of those, okay, this is were you are going with it. Cool, whatever.

      • The “made of clay” origin is occasionally referenced. There was one “JLA” story that made rather brilliant use of it, actually. 🙂

        As for origins coming up, well, Superman’s Kryptonian heritage is referenced quite often. Green Lantern and Aquaman’s are pretty integral to who they are. The list goes on.

        As for the feminist angle, you’re asking the wrong guy. I’m Asian-Canadian and about as unqualified as you can get when it comes to arguing this point. I’m just calling it like I see it. And I didn’t say she was dependent on man, just that she now owes her existence to one.

        The bottom line is, if you can live with the changes the reboot has made, more power to you. I can’t. I invested 27 years of my life and my money into the previous continuity and DiDio decided to flush it all down the toilet for a two month spike in sales and because he didn’t like doing research. It’s been replaced with a world that’s like a crossover between the Ultimate Universe and Watchmen – and a really bad version at that – where “a new and exciting take on a character” amounts to “let’s make this character a douchebag”, horrendously decompressed storytelling where stories that could be told in three issues are stretched to six, and retreading old ground endlessly.

        To each their own, I guess. ^_^;

      • Yea, like I said, I respect this agruement, really I do, but at the end of the day, they are DC characters, and they can do whatever they want with them. They are nice enought to let us read it. Plus there are really not a big freaking Deal that they changed her origin, she was the one I saw the most complaining, she is still wonder woman. She just has a dad. Like every other feminist on he planet. And besides, Dc hasn’t treated her the greatest over the years, there is an elseworld story were she is a stripper. Hell, her creater made it so that when a man tied her up she was power less. And that happened almost every issue.

        And there have been additions to her origin that Hades was right next to her mother when she was made.

        At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter though, they are comic book characters. I read it to be enterained and that is all. To me, it isn’t worth geting upset over, and going on about how everything is ruined forever. The reboot is what finally got me to get off my ass and make a pull list. Maybe that outs me. Whatever. But it isn’t without problems. I miss Grant Morrison writing Batman. His Batman stuff was so much more complex and enteraining. There was humor, which the man knowns he is crazy there should be some and Gotham seemed like a real city. Now that is not the case but I still enjoy the story.

        It is like getting upset that Mary Jane’s hair is blond and not red in the new movie. If you are letting that ruin the story, then there is nothing I can say to change that.

        I understand where a lot of people are upset. I just wanted to put something positive out there that would maybe, maybe bring something positive back to the comics themselves.

      • Which of course, makes me sound like a weirdo. But whatever.

  2. It’s hard to see how optimism and being positive can you a weirdo. 🙂

    But, as I said, I’m emotionally invested in the old continuity. I liked it. It was all right until DiDio and his cronies broke it. Then they claimed it was broken all along and used the reboot to fix it. It’s like an arsonist expecting credit for helping to put out a fire that he started. Plus, they lied about the extent of the changes. Another minus.

    At least it got you interested in comics again, so that’s a plus. Perhaps you’ll be taking my place in fandom since I’m on the way out. 😉

    • Sad to hear you are on the way out but I hope you would be willing to give it a chance. It hasn’t even been a year yet, there is still time for it to get better.

      I am still reading a lot of the old stuff still and probably will make commentry about it here at some point. Any suggest that you have for good arcs, I would love to hear them. I read through a lot of your blogs and you see to know a lot. I am a layman when it comes to this, so my perpesive is more writer based then a comic fan base because that is what I want to be.

      Since I am studying to be a writer there is still chances that good stories will come out of this. Or how not to tell stories. And I want to see were it is going. To me, the Wonder Woman story is intresting, and that is such a tiny part to through it out. I know alot of people are like it is bad because it is different. You don’t sound that way. I’m not happy at all the Bat’s Night of Owls event, but I am still willing to pick bats up.

      • I’d like to make clear that I’m not looking down on you for liking the new stuff. Far from it. I’m glad when the hobby gets new readers. Sorry if I gave you any other impression.

        The fact that you want to see where it’s going is a good sign. My problem is that, considering the radical changes that’ve been made, I feel like most of the characters I’m seeing are just completely new people who happen to share the same name. Not only am I not interested in where any of this is going, I’ve found that I don’t care, either.

        You flatter me with your words, but my knowledge is not as extensive as some of my articles make it seem. However, before I go on one of my extended rants, I try sticking to the first of my two core tenets of writing, which are:

        1. Do your research.

        2. Make the story fit the character, not vice-versa.

        The whole reboot thing came about largely because these two basic ideas weren’t adhered to. Seriously. 🙂

        As for suggestions, feel free to e-mail me. But one thing I always recommend to (relative) newcomers are the following:

        1. “JLA: Year One”
        2. A story arc that runs through “JLA – Volume 7: Tower of Babel” and “JLA – Volume 8: Divided We Fall”

        Try reading these, then have a look at Geoff Johns’ “Justice League”, and see if you can feel the same difference I do.

      • Oh, I don’t feel that way at all. I didn’t mean to make it sound that way. And I will look into them, thanks!

        I understand to about not liking the way creaters decide to make their characters grow. I have a few book series I have dropped because of that. It is what it is.

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