If Batman doesn’t take Robin out for ice cream in #8 I might scream…..

I had looked forward to Batman and Robin #7. Mostly because I love it when Papa Wolf Batman comes out to play, it is always a lot of fun. And #7 didn’t disappoint me at all. The cliffhanger, on the other hand, was and wasn’t a surprise.


What, if you read it, you knew this happened.

So yeah, to get the spoiler out of the way, Damian killed Morgan (not a big surprise to those who have read the comic by now) with, of course, the move Bruce refused to teach him. But Morgan did. Maybe Bruce was on to something there.

The kid looked sorry that he did it, and I don’t blame him in the least. You may not like him, that is fine, but there is a big fact we need to remember: THIS MAN TORTURED HIM. Anyone who has slammed their fingers in a door can imagine how painful having your fingers broken at the knuckles multiple times is. Because look at his freaking hand. That is what happened. This man almost killed him, and described how he was doing it… I don’t know if I would react differently if I was this kid.

Seriously, look at his hands:

Broken motherfucking hand

Jesus, my fingers hurt looking at that

But that is all beside the point, because I feel like everything now depends on Bruce’s reaction. And he doesn’t react well when you kill someone.

Look at what happened with Maxwell Lord and Diana. It didn’t matter that she did it to save both his and Superman’s lives. It fell on them, it was wrong on Batman’s list and he acted like a dick about it. Well, both of them acted like dicks, but this is Batman, he has to be the biggest Dick in the DCU short of renaming himself Dicky McDickerson. But almost kill Dick and it is amazing how fast that went out the window. (Granted, Diana talked him out of shooting that snot nosed ass, but I feel I am getting off topic. Plus I am bringing up an event that may not have happened in this world….)

If he goes off on Damian and acts like he has done a great wrong, the poor kid has nowhere to go, he is gonna lose hope. After all, Bruce is this kid’s nurturing parent. Now if he could only get his head out of his ass and listen to Alfred once and a while, he might be able to be a parent…. Okay, he did just realize his parenting so far has been one bad idea after another, so I will let him go on that one….

We all know Damian has issues, and locking him up in the manor and having his only social interaction beside Alfred be punching criminals, he is not going to respect human life at all, which Bruce has stated is a bad idea. So why he continues to do that kills me. It is like he doesn’t try to put any normalcies in this kid’s life. That is a parenting fail. But I have a feeling that is for a later blog post.

Bruce has to choose his next set of words carefully. Hopefully he has enough sense to just walk the kid home, and not freak out until he is out of Damian’s sight. He is going to have a freak out, mostly because it is his actions that lead this to happening in the first place. Not that he had any chance of really seeing it coming, but if he could just pretend he trusted his son for five minutes, maybe Damian wouldn’t have ended up working with Morgan, or trying to make his own Batman Gambit on him. I guess my point is, Bruce should do something that makes him act like a father after this, because Damian needs it. If he is only going to act like he is never gonna trust this kid, then he needs to send him back to Talia and wash his hands of him. Which would be a shame because I think this kid never gets much of a chance from anyone in DCU and it would be a shame that his own father acts the same way. If you are going to act like he is going to grow up to be a villain, it is Jason Todd all over again. That is a fact.


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