I want to punch him in his smug ass face…..

I’m a little testy. I should explain first. I work in a coffeeshop and I opened this morning. So I have been up since five in the morning.You know, before the sun is up. Yea and no nap. So this is just going to be a long winded rant about nothing. Just a character acting stupid….

I come home, and start reading Trinity….and not even pass the first few freaking pages, is this panel shows up.

Oh you Son of a Bitch.....

Now let me explain why I want to punch him…And it is a few reasons…Because he hasn’t told her what size drink he wants. It is nice he knows his motifiers. Most people don’t. But it makes me wonder….does he want her to bring it to him in a fucking bucket? That is the first part of the problem. He wants a latte…..made out of coffee, and not expresso…..Which is okay, if Peaberry wasn’t the rarest fucking coffee in the goddamn world, and most places outside of Hawaii don’t serve it.  Hell, my shop only sells it, we never brew it. EVER! And we are a proper shop, these people are working out of a damn cart. Yes, it does come as expresso as well, but that is even more rare. And they aren’t at an upscale cafe, so I doubt they even have it. And I’m not touching the whole, not a lot of foam, because I don’t know what the fucking means, and I am a goddamn barista. You want half foam? I put the same amount you would have gotten before. What? You didn’t fucking notice. I also like how he wants a shot of butterscoth, but doesn’t tell her how many shots of peaberry expresso he wants. AND HALF CAF? YOU ARE FUCKING BATMAN!

BUT THE MAIN PROBLEM IS FUCKING BATMAN IS ORDERING A GODDAMN LATTE! HE IS FUCKING BATMAN! BRING HIS ASS BLACK COFFEE IN A BUCKET AND HE WILL DAMN WELL DRINK IT! I mean that is the fucking most pussy drink order I have ever seen. For a man. I mean shit, where does he keep his purse when he is on partol?

And I won’t even get started on the V-Neck……

(I did read Batman and Robin #8 today. And I was happy. It was cute. but more on that later, when I am not mad at the fact Batman can’t order a fucking drink without sounding like an idiot.)

Edit: AND ANOTHER FUCKING THING, Half-Caf implies half-decafe, you don’t have to freaking state it! What was she gonna mix it with, besides decafe batman? Piss? Shit….


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