Oh Justice League International……

What can I say about it? It is really, really amusing to me, and I am not completely sure why. I mean I burst out laughing at it a lot, and call it “Batman and Guy Gardner teach Justice League rejects how to be superheroes.”

Look at issues one, politicians putting together a League to do….something? The same thing that the Justice League of America does, even though they do work all over the world, they are just centered out of America, so, not sure how that works, but I feel I’m getting off topic. Booster Gold is the leader because the politicians can control him. With money. (Also, I’m just going to point out that Booster and Godiva are going to knock boots in an upcoming issue. They hint at it so bad that I am surprised they don’t have them just dry hump yet.)

I would love to see this fight. I mean Batman would own him.

Oh, and my favorite part, BATMAN has nothing better to do than to hang out with these people. Batman is not on that team, but don’t tell him that, he won’t believe you. I mean it’s bad. He is in every freaking issues so far, like there is nothing in Gotham for him to do? Or something with the JLA? I doubt that. I have a feeling one of the writers wanted to write Batman and got told no. So they threw him into the International crew to just have him. The Reason he gives is kind of lame, that he knows that the UN had a reason for making Booster leader and not Guy; and he is going to find out what. Ummm, Guy is a Green Lantern and mostly will not be on Earth a lot. That is a good reason for me, just saying. Booster isn’t going to hide anything, and Booster is from the future that has no countries, it is not like he has a stake in anything.  There, all perfectly good reasons that don’t point to evil. The UN hasn’t given them a reason not to trust them; they are just kind of stupid on how the League works. I think Bats is just bored, and wants to fart around with new people. Or maybe he and Superman got in a fight over the last coke in the watchtower fridge and this is Batman’s way of getting over it. Which, scarily enough, I could see happening. I guess my biggest problem with Batman, jokes aside, being in the series so much is that it feels forced to me, like they don’t trust these characters to carry the story on their own (and don’t get me wrong, I love the Batman, but that is why I read all his series to get that fix…). I would like to see the JLI get to be the JLI without Batman. And I think that having Batwing in the story is going to make his presence disappear a bit. At least I hope so.

You have to feel bad for the whole crew; they have really no understanding of what they are doing, and are forced to work together. They don’t know what each other can do for god’s sake and are expected to act like the real Justice League. I don’t know what the UN is smoking but I would like some. It has to be good shit.

Seriously, I can respect her on this.

And I think Godiva is pretty useless. She’s a fun, great character. Pretty damn useless at what she is expected to do, but still fun. She fights with her hair for God’s Sake. One lit match by her head and she is done, taken care of. I can respect the fact that even she sees herself as pretty useless, at least when it comes to the big stuff they are going to have to deal with. She makes a lot of good points on what she thought versus what is the reality, and she is the only one who has the balls to say that. After all, she is a beat cop expected to be a fucking Marine. And I know Guy started out as a high school gym teacher and became a Green Lantern, but the difference is that he got trained for it. She deserves snaps for that. I doubt that she knew her power would work in zero gravity; after all, she had never tried it before. As I said before, I like her, but my god she has a stupid superpower. At least she is witty. Though she wins funniest panel I have ever seen in my life I think.

My god they are cute! I can’t help it okay.

Oh, and Guy and Tora? Adorable. ‘Nuff Said.

Well, that sucks….

And I think Red Rocket isn’t dead, but is going to come back as villain. Because what was the point of showing us that thing scanning him? Or was that what caused Lightweaver to have everyone’s stats?  Isn’t he part of OMAC? Because that strikes me as kind of lazy writing either way.

Dumb aside: And another thing, isn’t Red Rocket the words they used for that one joke in South Park, you know, the one with the dog wanking?

Here is another Adorable Guy and Tora. Can’t get enough of them, and can’t end this on dead Red Rocket.

HI Red Rocket! Boy I hope something bad doesn’t happen to you while Guy and Tora pretend they hate each other!


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