Shot through the heart

I’m enjoying Wonder Woman reboot. I feel like this is a dark dirty secret that I have to keep to myself. But is so different from what we have seen, and I love the fact it is getting back to the Greek Mythos roots.

These issues made me raise a few questions, such as how long was Zola in the underworld, or does time just move differently there? I mean, the woman wasn’t showing, she disappears for an issue, and then bam, she looks about ready to pop! Did Diana decide to stop for donuts on the way to recusing her friend?  Maybe picked up so In’N’Out? (What, I live in So Cal, it’s fast food.) I love Hermes’ looks, which is a cross between, what da fuck and hold the phone. But Zola is pregnant with a demigod, so maybe it is not a normal, 9 month run. But then that doesn’t explains Hermes look at all. Wouldn’t he know that? Diana doesn’t really seem that surprised, even though it doesn’t feel like she has been to the underworld before. It just seems like par for the course for her.

I told you we shouldn't have stopped for donuts.

And what is with all the retelling of Diana’s Origin story that they have to have her go into the underworld about 7 issues in? There are so many characters from Greek Mythos that they can have her run into on land before getting down into the underworld. I mean, hell, what is so great about hell that she has to show up there early? It is like cutting oneself short.

The other thing, is, what is Hades thinking? Is he planning on trying to marry Diana? What about Hera? Or is an Amazon a better prize now? And what about his WIFE? (Hades is married, look it up. I am not going to spoon-feed you everything.) Is that why he shot her with Eros’s guns? Which I think is a clever update to the bow and arrow. I mean, come on, they have way more style then a bow and arrow. (And now all the Green Arrow fans hate me now.)

Shot through the heart! with a Love Gun!

I wonder if they are going to do something where, she is in a fantasy with someone she loves, or if it just going to be her being a love sick puppy over Hades. I want to see the fantasy world really, that is always more fun than watching someone try to rape a character you like. Because that is the only way I can see the love sick Hades thing going. I would love to see her get out of that being that a lot of Diana’s character is based out of love. I mean, which is really odd thinking about it, being that he is her uncle and all, but these are the Greek Gods, if you aren’t doing your sister’s kid you are the odd one out.

I think I love most about this series because they just moral questionable and for the most part, out for themselves. Which is how they were to the Ancient Greeks.  (Though they saw Ares as a jackass and a coward)  I’m a big fan of Greek Mythology, so I have been reading up on them forever, and it is nice to see that Wonder Woman is getting back to the Greek Mythology angle of things.

And aside on Zola, I think she rocks. That bitch out she gives Hermes about liking men in issue 2 made me want to give her snaps. After all, she told his ass off, like she should have. She has a right to do whatever or whoever the fuck she wants.

And look, I went a whole blog post without mentioning Batman! GO ME!



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