Superman….what can I say about Superman

Just wait for it Clark

I know I will not win any friends with this, so I will come out and say it.

I kind of hate Superman. I mean, not like in a want him to die in a fire. But I really don’t care for him. I can’t really explain why, but I think it comes down to how he solves all his problems. Which always had been, punch it. That just has no appeal to me, and I am not going to turn this into another batman love letter, but let’s look at him for a second.

Batman does, yes, solve his problems by punching them, but there is thought behind it. He takes his time, plans out his attacks, and then goes for it with a backup plan in place.  That makes for an interesting read, and to see how he will pull it off when we are not given the all information that he has about it.

Superman….just doesn’t. He doesn’t care that much about it. He just punches it and goes home. Has dinner, and it is just like something odd that happened on his ride home. That is it. He is in bed by ten with no ill effects.

So….where is the fun in that? that just isn’t interesting to me. Falls into the level of, watching paint dry. He is just, to perfect. He always wins the fight because he is Superman. Batman, unlike Supes, has to use some skills to win his fights, so it is interesting to see how he gets it done. Supes just punches it.

But, there is Lois Lane. And she kicks ass. Always has. Always will. Even in the new series, she still is cut throat, smart, and strong woman that she has always been. And I am glad at least that hasn’t changed. I think breaking up their marriage for the reboot is mistake. We already know he is going to end up with Lois again, you can’t have Superman without Lois Lane. That is like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no bread. And just spreading the peanut butter and Jelly on your hands, all you get is a mess.

Though, having Martha and Jonathan Kent dead makes me sad. I liked them too. They were like everyone’s parents in the Justice League, and I think Martha proved in the Blackest Night that is she is the biggest bad ass in the DCU. She took out a black Lantern with a torch and a fucking dog. That is a bad ass mother fucker right there. And she raised superman. Martha Kent is the shit.

Aside Idea for a comic: Lois Lane and Ma Kent go around fighting crime together and kicking major ass. How amazing would that be? I mean, Ma Kent baking cookies for the church bake sale by day and going after drug lords by night? She is badass enough to do it. Lois is the mouthy side kick. That is shit I would read.

That all that being said, I found myself liking his new series. Which makes me feel dirty for the second time writing this blog. But I do. I’m beginning to like Superman.

I think the reinvention of this character has made him a little more likeable and therefore more enjoyable to read. When my Fiancée said we should get it, I tried to talk him out of it. I’m glad he didn’t listen for once. Yea, as Superman, Kal is able to take any threat that comes his way, but as Clark Kent, Kal is forced to lose everything all over again. It’s not one of those, as someone who isn’t a fan of Superman, pointing and laughing at him. I feel bad for him too.  They have made me sympathy to a character I never really cared for. That is amazing to me.

That is a fair point....

I think I really got sold on the series was issue #3 were they are addressing what is the real nature of superman and if they are better with him or without him. It is a fair point, being that it is taxpayer dollars that pay for all the damages that his fights inflict on the city.


I mean, I bet Batman pays for the windows he breaks. Not like he can’t afford it. But Superman, breaks buildings and destroys half the city and Metropolis people love him for it. Batman breaks windows and they want his head on a plate, I don’t get it. Maybe the people in Gotham are just mad their superhero doesn’t fly? I hope this shows up again, it would be fun to see protest over Superman like Gotham has over Batman. I feel it needs to show up again, or Metropolis is full of more crazies than Gotham. And it would be fun to see Supes be a little more careful with building damnit. They don’t grow on trees.

I don’t really have much more to say about him. And since I enjoy his comic now, I can’t really say I hate him. The first arc was really interesting and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. But it was, kinda bland. No Night of Owls, but not bad. Mid-range, which isn’t bad at all. I don’t really have any big predictiors on this, because I don’t know supes’s history very well, so I will just sit back and watch it. And was that Kara at end of issue 7? If not, who was that?

I guess this post just proves I’m on the fence about Supes. I don’t were I stand any more. The reboot is making me enjoy the comic more than the old stuff. But I still have mixed feeling about it. I mean, I just look at his story and go, huh, wonder what will happen next. It isn’t like with Wonder Woman or Batman, were I can’t wait for the month to be over and I get to know what happens next.

Because, I think on some level, I know what is going to happen next. Superman is going to punch it, go home and have raman noodles for dinner. Bed by 9.

Edit: I’m trying to say he is bland, and I don’t get why people think he is the best hero ever. He isn’t. Hell, if he didn’t have these powers, he won’t be fighting crime, at all. He would just be some guy who is living in a city doing a dead end job. Whoes parents are dead…And who is in love with a woman who is boning other men causally but not him.



  1. You are totally right that Superman’s likability is completely dependent on his supporting characters. That’s why the post-Crisis till Death of Superman stuff is so awesome; his parents, Lois, Jimmy and the rest of the Daily Planet gang are so well flushed out.

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