Suicide Squad, Aka, Deadshot can’t catch a break.

First of all, I’m trying this week to not sit there and write love letters to Batman. Which I image is a little noticeable.

So I’m taking a look at Suicide Squad. Or the Deadshot show as I have taken to calling it.

Anyone got any hot Sauce?

And I found out one fact about myself. There is just something about watching Deadshot carry a baby around that makes me go, awwwww. Look at the big evil assassin. He likes babies. I mean he doesn’t let anyone else touch him. It is like he likes them or something. Or he wants one. To eat.  And Harley, but that is another story all together.

Well, let’s start with that. What is the point of having Deadshot and Harely hook up? She is in love with the Joker after all, and I’m not sure if I want that power couple broken up; thou the Joker has seem to move on with another woman, a White Rabbit to tell the truth. (And more on her later) And Harley thinks he is dead. Having Harely hook up with any one beside Poison Ivy is just, weird. Harley is Joker’s gal damnit, and Deadshot just got his rocks off, as he put it. Didn’t his mother ever teach him that isn’t how you speak to a woman? Clearly not. You lie, Deadshot, as a chance to get back into her pants. So you can get your rocks off again. Or a baby to eat. Now you may have killed your chance. And I am with Harely, it is going to happen again. The next chance they get. Because why the hell not. Not like they aren’t going to get a chance again, and cutting each other is just foreplay to them.

Deadshot knows how to talk to the Ladies, note the baby lunch in arms.

It feels like this whole series, is just watching Deadshot get screwed over left and right. Which he knows is happening, and just choses to live with it. And it isn’t like he didn’t see it coming. He is a villain after all working for the government. He knows that he is going to get fucked. It is the government after all. I wish he would quit acting like he doesn’t know it is going to happen. He should just bend over and get it over with.

Oh, and the whole baby thing. We get it. He has a daughter. They hinted at it so bad I am surprised they haven’t slapped us across the face with it. Why does it matter? They haven’t told us, and I’m sure as shit, he won’t wouldn’t want some guy to tell his daughter he was just getting his rocks off.

And it kills me that Amanda Waller doesn’t  see that this might blow up in her face. Or maybe she does and doesn’t care. And didn’t she used to be fat? Like a fatty fatty cake….

GODDAMN SHE GOT HOT! Why make Amanda Waller hot? She was great as Amanda ‘the Wall’ Waller. That is why we loved to hate her…when you make her hot…it is like you make her dumber. That’s a problem. She was the shit before, why did she have to drop a few dress sizes? Can we still call her the Wall? What difference did that make? I mean, who is getting their rocks off to Amanda ‘The Wall’ Waller? Hands up who faps to her….nevermind, I don’t want to know.

After all, how long before the Justice League finds out about them? And will want to put a stop to it. Because Batman likes to be the only crime fighting team in town and that does appear to be what they are doing. In a backassward way.

And of course the government’s answer to stopping crime is to use super villains to go around and kill those who are committing crimes. Let’s think about that for a second. That is fighting fire with an a bomb, someone is going to ending up fucking it all to hell, and people are going to get killed. So it will nice to see how the ride plays out.

Oh, and the Joker isn’t dead. Not sure how he will take to Deadshot making on his girl. Or maybe we get to see Harley and him go at it for cheating on each other? That would be amazing. And would probably end in clown sex….

Okay, am I now the only one just developed a fear of clowns?

It is okay, they're coworkers.


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