Fanastically Fun Friday

You walked right into that one.


Anyone get the feeling that he should have been slapped a long time ago?

Shh, don't give Jimmy attention Lois, then he would think he was people.

I don't know what is worst, he looks drunk and She has such suicide lust look on her face over the thought of Batman penis.

Clark is regretting letting Jimmy near his apartment.



  1. I admit, I had restrained myself from making this post because quite frankly I’m not sure I want to know the answer. But what. On god’s green earth. Is suicide lust? 0_0

    • Your stalking me but it is cool. And I’m not sire but I think that woman’s face says it all

      • It’s harder to find cool comic blogs than you’d think. Also I just got on WordPress so I’ve got like a backlog of desire to respond to posts that I always decided against.

  2. You’ve gotta love Bruce Wayne. As much as I disagree with the “superman speech” from Kill Bill and all the logic that underlies it, it does really work for Batman.

    I mean just look at the persona he adopts. This is a man who possesses such delightful distain for celebrity and the culture we’ve created around it that he parodies it openly. And the best part is that people don’t realize, they just think he’s a dumb celebrity.

    • Bruce wayne is the face that Batman wears to protect himself. Thats really what I feel. Batman is the real person, and Wayne is just a mask that he uses to protect himself. Superman is the opposite at the end of the day.

      • I’m not sure if I’d say he’s the mask he uses to protect himself. I feel like Batman is what he became to protect himself and Bruce is the mask he uses to hide that he’s not like the people he surrounds himself with anymore.

        I think that like Superman, Batman isn’t entirely his costumed identity nor his alter-ego. Clark Kent is always hiding part of himself but Superman is just a part he plays. The truth is that he’s not quite either of them, he’s Clark Kent with Superpowers (I’ve seen a lot of people argue that this version of him is Kal-El but I think that really underestimates how much Superman is divorced from his Kryptonian side). Just the same, Batman is hiding his humanity when he’s on the streets but Bruce Wayne is just an act. The child who saw his parents gunned down grew into Batman, not Bruce Wayne. I think that whenever they have one of these stories where they try to disprove the “Bruce is a fiction” theory they try to point out that Batman does have human emotions and does have a side that’s about more than beating up criminals but I think they assume that it’s Bruce who campaigns for Gotham and gives to the Thompson clinic and honestly, that’s where they don’t realize that Batman goes beyond the cowl.

      • it is more degrees of the face he is willing to put out there. I don’t think he even knows what his real self is. I think Batman is closer to that, Bruce Wayne is what he uses to blow off steam. But what Bruce is really, it isn’t there, because he is afraid of who that really is. He is afraid to grow up. Which is why, when Batman is written really well, that he has moment were he acts almost like a child. He acts like the kid who watched his parents die. It’s a nice touch when he isn’t Justicing it up all around Gotham.

        As for Clark, I think Kent is who he really is, like you said, just with Super power. Superman is a face that he plays up, but he is the kid that the Kents raised. I miss him and Lois because Lois has all the quatiies that Clark wishes he could see in himself. It was a really beautful relationship that DC took a shit on to have their Superman/Wonder Woman bullshit that is still written like they are friends with no spark or passion. And I don’t see it getting better.

      • I’ve heard rumors that DC was worried that they’d lose the lawsuit to the original golden age superman and his iconography so they covered their bases by making it possible to remove Lois from Superman if it because economically unfeasible.

        It sounds like you’re a Superman fan. I’m not terribly well acquainted with Mr. Kent. I’m curious what you mean about Lois having all the qualities Clark wants to see in himself. I never imagined Clark as quite so forceful or hot-headed as Lois. It seems to me like Clark is all about being the guy you can walk all over even though he’s got all the power in the world and Lois is the woman who could walk all over Superman even though she’s ‘just’ a human being.

        As for Batman being a child, I do really love those moments. Its a really delicate balance to show how much Bruce got stuck at that moment and still portray him as a moderately sane and heroic figure. I think that normal people assume that Batman is awesome and is a hero, comic fans think that Batman is a child who never grew up, and Batman fans understand that Batman is the hero who lost his childhood but refused to lose the things that make children wonderful.

      • I’m Not. I’m a Wonder Woman fan, althought the only worth they see in the character is to make her superman’s girlfriend. And put them in the worlds most important and boreding relationship. If they wanted to completely removed Lois, thats fine, but under cutting Wonder Woman like they have is bullshit. When she lost her wit, her charm, her streght, and the only time she becomes important is because they want her to be Superman’s Broodmare it is something to be upset about. They keep getting called sexist because they are being just that. I want them to break up so I can pick up to comics with Wonder Woman again.

      • Fair enough. Ive been loving Diana’s solo title since issue 7 though. Well, honestly since the reboot but I’ve been able to just enjoy it since 8. I actually just finished issue 15 before I checked for this.

        The current Wonder Woman has like a 50/50 shot of getting the character but it’s always well written (even if you don’t like what it says) and is usually beautiful.

        I don’t know what Geoff John’ issue with her is. I only read up to issue 7 of Justice League but Diana seemed like some weird knock off of Marvel Hercules.

      • And I liked Lois. I was picking Superman up for that reason. If they aren’t getting together, I can say fuck that comic. They had no reason to stick him with Wonder Woman, he could be with Lana or Carey Grant. They picked Wonder Woman because they don’t want women picking up their Comics. Dan Dido said so.

      • I do miss how Perez handled the matter. Of course they’d flirt. And then they’d realize that they’d be terrible together.

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