Batman and the Odyssey

So I’m feeling awkward today. I like to try and keep up my posting deal, because, well, I’m crazy. And since it was a short week and I can’t do scans I’m not really sure what to do.  What to talk about. I have a few old trades I want to talk about, but I can’t because I can’t do Scans. I don’t want to stop doing a few blogs because if I do, I will get out of the habit. And the reason I do so many is I’m trying to keep writing to get in the habit of doing it. (I write other things as well, mostly short fiction.) I know I’m not posting tomorrow, but because I don’t have scans.

I just keep telling myself one more week. So I guess I will talk about something I noticed in the animated Justice League which made me wonder. Batman going on about The Odyssey. He brings it up as an example at least twice, once in Tabla Rasa, and then again in Little Piggy. The first time comes out of no where were he start talking about how they tricked the cyclops. It follows right after he points out he hasn’t slept in three days. So in his mind it makes sense to talk about it? I mean, I know he is making a point to John not to assume someone who is weak can’t get you, but it is a really reaching example. I sure he could have used something from US history, and the two of them would get it. If he was talking to Wonder Woman, it would make complete sense. But he is talking to John. Another American, he could be like, the British did that to us in the revolutionary war. Look how well that worked out for them. But he picks the odyssey…okay. That’s cool Batman. Even John is like, okay, you made your point….weirdly. But whatever. It makes way more sense in Little Piggy because they are fighting Circe who is from the Odyssey. That one makes perfect sense because Circe is a cunt in the Odyssey. Completely. She turns Odysseus’s men into pigs and feed them to him. I mean, she is a jerk. And in the show the only thing she does is make him sing to save Diana? Oh I’m sorry, but why aren’t you the badass you usually are Circe? The hell? I like that episode a lot, because of all the references they throw in, but it really makes no sense at all.

But back to Batman and the Odyssey. He references this book twice and I don’t recall any other references to any other forms of literature….so is this the only book he has ever read? It is the only one he ever talks about….What about Shakespeare? James Joyce? Chaucer? What about someone else? I don’t know.

Thinking about he, he lives an Odyssey when you think about it, when he gets sent back in time. Where these hints to what was going on in the comics?


The Avengers Vs the Justice League

The Avengers Vs the Justice League

So one of the free comics I was the reprint of the first Avengers, and I decide to compare it to the first justice league. And about when I figured out that Marvel hates new readers for some reason, because not even three pages in do they have a freaking splash page that has 26 people who are joining up. Fucking 26 Characters and over half of them, I don’t know who they are. They aren’t named, just shown. WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE. I mean, Justice League, even if you had been living under a rock and didn’t know who Batman was, it told you. It was like, Hey, this is Batman, and he is fucking awesome. I’m not a big marvel fan, but I only recognize 7 of them that I am dead sure of. And when I read 1602 I got who everyone was. So it isn’t like I just don’t know them, it is really random. The first Justice League, we had just Batman and Green Lantern. And that was great. Why? Because we got to see the interact with each other and get a feel for their personalities. These are just random 26 people who I only completely sure of 7 of them. That is not good story telling, plain and simple. I guess the team was broken up before, which isn’t a big deal, but I feel like this should have been the team getting together for the first time. So they did give a little background on why the Avengers aren’t around any more, because of the civil war and a few other reason. But really, they are still working together for the most part, why do they need a team if it doesn’t work. Even when the team drops down to 7 the interactions are a little stale. And there is one thing I am confused about, because I though Captain America was setting up the team, and then one in the outfit and one in civie clothes? Can someone explain it. Did Captain America get split or something? They introduce the threat in this one, just like in Justice League, but they have more of a bang. I mean, Thor slaps him around like it is nothing. Beside the glowing egg thing, I don’t see what the threat is. In Justice league, it was the threat of not knowing. It add to the tension they were building. In Avengers….I am just not feeling the tension. It just isn’t there. Because I have no fucking clue what the glow egg does. And it makes it all about the Avengers children. Batman would not put up with this shit. Granted, his children, if he has more than just Damian would probably be as bat shit insane as he is. So there is that. So this is a team up, future saving story with Kids. And Character explosion. I mean, really, they only have 7 people join up after talking to 26 people. Why did we have to talk to 26 people, were over half said they would join. And the Hulk at the end is talking about how we will join.

Sorry for no scans again. Still can’t get it to work on this thing. Not much longer thou. And when I get the scanner working again I will scan stuff in.

And now for something completely different.

Since I still can’t scan things I am gonna talk about a comic I just happened to pick up. And this is Serious….I know, I’m scared too.
There are three ways to win me over in a story. One is having a historical setting, another is having Zombies, and the third is to start things off with an Issac Asimov quote. Which I guess makes it clear that I like the New Deadwardians because it mange to do all three in the first issue.
There is a just a style to the story that is just timeless. It is kinda weird. I know it is the Edwardian period and they haven’t tried to explain why there is Zombies. I mean, there is talk of there being a curse and that they are part of what happened with the war, but aside from that, they are just there. That is a bit of sticking point for me, because I always feel that you need to give some reason for the outbreak, and that they they already have a cure when most films go out of their way to be like, there is not time. Unless this started somewhere besides England and was brought back. I have a feeling that they are going to explain it more later but for now we are left in the dark. These people, for the most part, are able to get through their daily lives with no ill effects. There are two different Zones, A and B. Zone B are were there are just Zombies it appears and breaks free. I like how this addresses what would happen if people would be able to get through life.
The other thing is the cure itself. It doesn’t seem to really cure anything at all. To prove this point, the main character, George has already had it. It seems that you don’t need to sleep or eat any more because it. That…is really tackled well in the comic because lets face it, if you are giving a cure that stops you becoming a zombie, it will have side affects. And most you aren’t going to like. I like the idea that you can’t eat or sleep, even though it doesn’t make much sense biological speaking. But that isn’t the point I suppose. It is that people have to keep living in some form or another. And the cure is something you have to keep getting.
George keeps calling the zombies a curse and so far they have stayed in the background. While is nice and sets a very nice tone for the whole piece. It comes off more as a detective story than a Zombie one which I quite enjoy. We spend a lot more time with George who is a Inspector for the homicide unit in Scotland Yard. He is investigating the death of one of the young, the people who have received the cure. I think what makes this story work the best is the fact we aren’t told much. It keeps you wanting to read more and know what happens. After two issues, we still aren’t sure what is all the deed with the Zombies, the young, and the Brights (Normal Humans), but that is okay. It is still an interesting story.
The only large problem I have with it is that there is a lot of ads in the back of the book. I feel the same way with Justice league and Shazam hanging out in the back of the comic. I want more story, not ads guys. That is annoying!

Funny Panels and An update

Does she have it now?


Really Guy? You are going to let them waste beer?

Not many Panels this week. I am using my old computer because the new one got knocked off the bed. The screen is totally busted and getting fixed for the next two weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to get this to scan stuff but I’m not holding my breath.

I see what you did there Batman INC

Oh you are planning something, aren’t you, you cheeky monkey.

Batman INC came out yesterday and I’m super excited. Like, crazy excited. I mean, it is Talia verses Bruce and I don’t believe for a second that Batman lost to freaking Talia. Sorry, I don’t. Yea, I know it started out with him being arrested and I’m calling bullshit on that. Why? Because it is fucking Batman. Because he gave death the middle finger like it was nothing. I’m thinking it is part of the plan. This is not how Bruce’s career of batman ends, it can’t. If this is how it is going to end, then they should have left him dead at the end of Final Crisis. Because it is insulting to the reader and the character to have it end this way. He isn’t going to go out like a little bitch. He is going to go out in a blaze of glory I can’t even imagine. Like bare knuckle boxing six Grizzy Bears high on PCP in a wedding dress. Okay….maybe not the wedding dress, but you get the idea. He is going down fighting, not just giving up. I think it has to be a fake out. I mean, this is the man who gives Death the middle finger because he was too busy and used Darksied’s plan to his advantage. He is not going to go out by being arrested. Besides, any changes they have on him, I could see him buying cops off. Or have some plan for it. There has to be a plan for this.

And even he is being completely serious; I don’t see a lot of his crew listening. Dick would keep fighting. Hell Dick would show up as Batman to get Bruce out of jail. Because if Damian is really dead, Dick would be fighting to make that kid’s death mean something, even if Bruce was unwilling to do so. Which I imagine would snap Bruce out of being a little bitch. So the arrest might be him bluescreen of deathing. And he will be back soon enough. Plus there is always the pits and Talia is a big enough of a bitch to throw Damian’s body into a pit. Which would be awesome to see a half mad Damian begging for help. That would be another thing to snap Bruce out of it.

There is another fake out that is also pretty clear, at least to me. Damian isn’t dead. Because, well, he just isn’t. It is gambit. It has to be. I mean, the Kid is only bleeding from the mouth, not the head. That hood covering his head should be coved in blood. It isn’t. He got shot in the face, (at least that what was in the cross hair) he won’t have a face any more. Or it would be a hellva more fucked up than it was. Or if he did get in shot in the head, part of his skull would be missing. And there would be blood on the hood. But not even going with just that, we got a picture, not the body itself. And I have read enough to know you get a body man. Harry Potter taught me that much. Photos can be staged, and if Talia believes it, she is dumber than I though.
Not only that, it is issue one, and I know it is a continuation of a story, but really, they won’t kill him issue one. They would at least wait till issue two. And if they did kill him, Bruce would not lie down and take it. He would turn into PapaBat. The whole thing screams fake out. The whole issue does. Which is fine. It is still enjoyable.

I so have a hard time buying that Batman got shot in the face when he was getting the jump on some guy with a rifle. He was coming up behind this guy and he is fucking BATMAN. And the guy mentions that Robin’s protective hood was down. Bruce earlier gives Damian shit for the wearing the damn thing….If it was protecting him, while the fuck would Bruce tell him to lose it? What is wrong with this picture? Yea, this guy is fucking lying. And looks like Talia is buying it. Bruce also points out that they have all these hitman right where they want them.

Going back to the arrest, it’s a fake out. I am calling shenanigans if it isn’t. You can’t arrest Batman. It just doesn’t make sense. He has to have a plan. This has to be part of the plan. It has to be. After all, he faked that some of his crew is dead. They aren’t. We saw the dead hero club. There is a plan, I think, in all of it. And I can’t buy Batman just giving up. There is no way that he is giving up. I think this is just a way to fuck with Talia. Bruce is making mad grab for cards and I think it is going to work. She would be to excited to think she has him up against a wall. She already thinks she has killed some of his crew and we have the dead Heroes club.

So yea. The title alone gives it away, In the Eye of Leviathan. This is what Talia thinks is happening. Aside from the dead heroes club part, this is all design to make Talia think she is winning. She doesn’t have a body, she has a photograph. And those can lie. If she thinks she is winning, she will get sloppy. And that is what is going on.

I’m enjoying this, clearly. I wouldn’t write a rant going on about how it can’t be happening. I have read this issue like six times already, looking for hints on what is really going on. Plus I will be pissed if they kill off Damian. I love that kid!

But if there is one thing we can take away, it is this. Batcow is the best thing ever. ‘Nuff said.

So…who is gay here?

Note: I am going to say this now. I don’t plan on ever deleting comments on this blog, but I will not NOT put up with any gay bashing. I’ll be honest that I’m very supportive of the gay community and if you have problem with that, it’s a big tough shit. My opinions aren’t going change on that no matter how many homophobic things you say to me. The comments will be deleted if they take on a homophobic nature. END OF FUCKING STORY. I feel they’re uncalled for because, whatever you feel, you can be respectful to others about it. I believe in putting positive in the universe.  And we are talking about who work as a story telling element, not your feelings on the sexualitiy. Plus these people don’t really exist at the end of the day outside of comics and movies. ( In other words, don’t be a dick. Because then I will have to be a bigger fucking one. And I don’t want to.)

So I have read a lot of the whole new Gay DC Hero and I will admit it. I had a freak out. Because I had to know who it would be. It’s the writer in me. And then I started thinking about the Big Three, Bats, Supes, and Wondie, and was like, how the fuck could you make one of them gay? From a story telling stand point, it wouldn’t make that much sense to me. And you know what? I realized something. It is going to be someone we haven’t seen yet. No, really, the second wave is coming out now and they announce that they are going to make some character gay? And said it would be someone prominent. Well, I can tell you who I think it probably isn’t. Superman, clearly in love with Lois. I don’t see it being Batman or Wonder Woman, just because, well, it doesn’t make sense in their so far storylines. That, and I also had the feeling Wonder Woman likes the play both sides of the fence. So, she already bisexual. And making her a lesbian just Kills Batwoman in my mind.

My Fiancé and I talked about it and he threw out someone on Earth Two. This is someone prominent, but I don’t see it being one of the main three. It doesn’t seems like something DC would do. Plus most of their stands alones are almost a year old. Why would you wait this long to be like, surprise, look who is gay! That is just a tack on story element. And shitty story telling.

What? Batwoman is Prominent….So is Deadshot, Donna Troy (MIA), Wally West (MIA Also), Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon…..FUCK, the Joker. But they said hero, and we all know the Joker has said he wants Batman…in that way. And damn I’m rolling out the ellipses today.

But honestly, my money is on Tim Drake. (I have a feeling it’s a man. They wouldn’t announce it like this for a woman. They would just do it. Because Lesbians are hot.) I can’t explain it, but Red Robin would make sense. I mean, have you looked at his costume? He looks like a fucking condom. Any of the Robins could work to tell the truth. Well….maybe not Dick. But Tim or Jason. Damian is just too young to tell yet. Batman has too much of a love affair with breast to be gay. I mean really. Look at his girlfriends, they have huge tracks of land.  All the back ground stuff over the years to be like, he is gay, it would be…..I can’t even come up with the words of what it would be. Fuck, it could be Jimmy fucking Olsen for all we know.

Or they are being Jackoffs and this is all about Kimberly Kane throwing herself a coming out party.

And this is someone who might become prominent after they come out. So we could all be having this shit storm for no fucking reason at all. I mean, I have read 4 different articles at this point, and I can’t find what Dido said word for word. They all seem to say different freaking things. (Does someone have a video or a transcript of what he said that isn’t twisted?) This one says something along the lines that it would happen after they come out. That they are kinda unknown at this point  but I have seen others twist it to it sound like it is one of the big players. So what is the right freaking answer? I have a feeling this one might be on the more up and up for some reason. It just makes more sense. Getting a character who was in the shadows before into the lime light.

And when has sexaulity really come up before in any of the comics before? We don’t see their personal lives when you really think about it. We get to see them at crisis point and maybe a little after. Never really them going about their daily routine. I mean, could you imagaine what a Batman comic would look like if it was just him working his day job? WORST COMIC IDEA EVER!

But beside all that, what do us, the fans, really care? We are going to put who we want with who we want them with. Don’t believe me? Head over to and tell me that isn’t the case. I think they have every combo that you could come up with. Batman and Superman, Batman and the Flash (Wally not Barry, which makes even less sense if you ask me), Batman and one of the Robins (Which bothers me because he is pretty much their father, but some people like that.) And that isn’t the tip of the fucking iceberg.

Green Lantern Corps-Alpha Wars

Yea. This happened.

So John is in another pickle. I feel for the guy, I think it happens a lot that he gets screwed over. In the Animated series, he where put on trial for destroying his whole planet, now he is on trial for killing a fellow lantern. What is weirder is the whole thing has about the same feel. John gets a raw freaking deal. The difference is, in the animated series he didn’t do it.

I shot a man in Reno once…just to watch him die.

And it wasn’t an easy choice, but it makes sense. He is a marine after all, and they usually don’t leave their own. They also don’t like it when you go against the group. And that is what Kirrt was planning on doing. While again, is understandable, they were being tortured for information. And you have to protect the corps. To John, and to anyone with a military background, a good solider protects others first.
Does John deserve to be punished for it? I don’t know to tell the truth. It is always a pain when they let characters just, get away with murdering people. It usually is addressed, but at the end of the day the let them go. Like when Diana killed Maxwell Lord. Aside from Batman being a dick, which is par for the course for him, they really just gave her a slap on the wrist. And he ends up alive after the blackest night. Because status quo is god.
I don’t John deserve to die for it. After all, it isn’t like he didn’t have a good reason for it. And who really has a justice system for the universe is so clear cut? There really is no room for gray in this? After, this a group of cops we are talking about, space cops, but freakin’ cops none the less. Can’t they just, you know, kick him out of the corps for manslaughter? I mean, that isn’t a slap on the wrist, that is a whole, you lost your freakin’ job. Hell, That is what they did to Hal. He lost his ring and they just sent him home. And he killed a fucking Guardian. I guess the Alphas don’t give a shit about that. They didn’t come after Hal. It’s good thing to know that you can kill guardian just fine, but fuck you if you kill lantern.

And they are the LAW!

I’m to think that the Alpha’s are just racist. They don’t go after Hal, who did something much worst, but go after John…. And what is the main difference between the two? That is right, Hal is a white guy. John is black. I see what game you are running here Alphas. Trying to keep the black man down. That is bullshit.

Or they hold a teammate much higher than a leader. Which would make sense. John should have coached Kirrt into not telling, not just short cut to killing him. But what can you do. It will be interesting to see how they play out because Guy is not taking this laying down. Which isn’t surprising because he never takes anything laying down. Because they aren’t going to kill John. Status Quo is God.

You are boned.