Just a silly aside (Bonus Blog)

So, How many people were surprised that it only took Batman about three pages to show up in JLI. I’m beginning to wonder if he is lost. Someone should explain to him, he doesn’t need to be there. I mean, really, does he have nothing better to do?

My friend sent me a picture of this, and I want this. Though, I don’t think I have ever seen Wonder Woman baked a thing. Or cook. Or anything involving food. But if she did, I think we found her perfect mixer. Not that she would use it. But it is still sweet.

Edit: My friend pointed out that Wondie can cook, she worked at a taco joint for a while. But it still stands we have never seen her bake.



  1. I think it is pretty obvious that a Wonder WOMAN can cook… but you probably are right, the jury is still out on whether she can bake

    • I don’t remember seeing her do it. But she did work at that taco place. My friend pointed that one out to me. But yea, don’t see the Amazons getting there bake on ever.

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