The Night of Owls event so far

Not how you make friends Bruce. Not that you care.

I am sure you remember a while ago, when I was trying to figure out how all the Batman Comics linked in to each other. If not, you can see it here. Well Batman Detective Comics #9 came out which is part of the event. And apparently happens after Batman #9, which hasn’t come out yet. Yea, that isn’t confusing at all. I don’t understand why we couldn’t do the freaking story in order, because this just adds to my confusion of when shit is happening. So I take it Batman gets out of his house just fine, Nightwing is okay, and there went everything that DC spent time building up. It is a misstep in story telling and it is upsetting. It is like opening a puzzle and someone has put half of it together. And everyone is falling in line to help of course.

He gets better. Thanks for given that away.

Did they forget that they ended Nightwing #8 with his stabbed and bleeding all over the place? I mean, shit, way to just shot that in the foot. Even thought we all know they wouldn’t kill Dick, but really, how the hell did he get out of it?

This is my porn watching time mother fuckers.

Or that Batman was breaking out the heavy armor to fight these guys? Last we saw Batman, he was in his fucking house, kicking the shit out of these guys, but he haven’t won yet. They better not cheat us out of an ass kicking. That would be annoying.

This also ruins my theory that these are taking place at different times. Or at least Detective Comics is on the same period of time that Batman and Batman and Robin is, I can’t say we can really see what order the others fall into until they come out. But I image that they will shoe horn all these to be the same night, which makes the night at least, a billion hours long. Or how did no one notice how many of the owls are running around in Gotham with no press before.

It is a little madding that they gave away pieces of the story before we had a chance to see them in order. I mean, it isn’t like they didn’t know that it was going to come out that way. They did. But they didn’t anyways. Why couldn’t this be Detective Comic #10 then? Most likely because it would be other of order as well, but dammit, they didn’t have to give two things away.

Anyways, two asides, I can’t wait for Batman Incorporated. I would love to see, even though they aren’t normal enough for this to happen, but Tailia and Bruce fighting for Damian in court. I think she will be able to have that kid when she pries him from Bruce’s cold dead hands, if Batman and Robin is anything to go on. And Godvia is becoming a favorite of mine, for the shit she says. She annoyed me at the very first, but dammit if I’m not liking her now. I think that is because she is what I would be like if I was a superhero, asking, what is this bullshit every chance I get. And I would totally have a stupid super power.

That will make me feel better about finals and final papers.


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