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Hi Kettle. You’re black, love the Pot

To get back into the swing so on to number three. It starts with some weird monologue about dreams and then Jennifer getting mad that the writer was a liar who has sex a lot, which, honestly is a kettle black moment. So what if he sleeps around, so does she. Hell, she spends issue one all over Jimmy just to blow him off for this guy. And he says some racist shit too. Can someone explain this to me? What is with the early nineties? Gay people all have AIDS and ethnic Women had out STIS if this comic is to be believe. More information than I ever wanted to know. She ends up slapping him when he points out that she is a female version of him, even if she fails to see that. And she is. She uses Jimmy and there hasn’t been a good reason why she does what she does. Unlike Zola in Wonder Woman, she doesn’t have the balls to say that she likes men, and doesn’t have to apologize for it.
Dio is still being the angry Mexican man in Gotham, getting upset with his wife for attacking him because he comes in through the window. This would be my reaction if someone comes into my apartment through the fucking window, especially if there was a baby there. Dio annoys me for a lot of reasons; mainly, he is a stereotype, because he is Mexican and they made him an ex-con. They really don’t try to make him any deeper than that. It is upsetting being that most men in prison, are in fact, white. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Mexican men in jail, but they don’t even try to have Dio try to stay on the straight and narrow. He falls of the first chance he gets. Anyways, the cops are on his tail, because he is an idiot and getting a real job is for chumps apparently. Honestly, I would like this better if it was Dio was trying to stay clean. It is clear he doesn’t give a fuck and is crazy. He sees his wife as an object and everything about it screams stereotype that they aren’t even trying to hide. It is fucking annoying. There is no attempt to give him any depth at all, and with the other 5 characters, there are clear attempts to that. That is shitty to me, like they are trying to say Mexicans are sub human or something. I realize that wasn’t the intent at all but that is how it comes off. I know that they are trying to squeeze in a lot, but I feel like they aren’t trying with Dio at all. That is insulting. AND IT DRIVES ME FUCKING MAD HE DOESN’T USE THE GODDAMN DOOR! WHY IS IT SO FUCKING HARD FOR HIM?!?!?

Rosemary is her crazy self, which helps this story a lot. She has her regular Frank come in, but now she can only see him as batman. And that is how, we, the reader get to see him as well. That is pretty sweet to tell the truth, at least they didn’t drop the ball on this side of the story for us. There is a nice transition into Jennifer running into Jimmy, and they have a nice little scene. Jimmy basically all but tells her that he wants to take her out and wants to know what happen with the guy. Jimmy has issues spitting it out it seems and that stinks for him to tell the truth. Though, I find Jennifer kinda a bitch but what can you do?

Gonna kill the wife you know….She burnt the roast.

We then shift to Joel buying a gun. Seems what Emma said to him before didn’t stick, but now he plans on killing her, then himself. So at least he has some kind of a plan. Because he knows that she won’t be taken care of when she dies. Their son is dead and he doesn’t want her to end up in a shitty nursing home. That kinda sweet, but it is really just weird how quickly this man wants to off himself. Like, Damn, I’m old, time to go shot myself in the forehead because of it. I don’t understand why he isn’t looking for ways to make sure Emma is taken care of when he passes, not just going to shot her.

And I have AIDS

Shifting away from Joel and back to Jimmy and Jennifer, you get to find out why Jimmy really has an obsession with AIDS and not having sex. (Hint, He doesn’t have aids and he isn’t gay. Oh, and it isn’t that he hates sex.) He tells her about his wife. Yea, that weird outline woman that he cried over in issue two was his wife. She is dead now, thanks to the Joker Venom. So I’m guessing he sees dead wife every time that he looks at other women. That is understandable. Still doesn’t make it less weird that he keeps bring up AIDS. The whole AIDS things is shoed into two issues and it honestly isn’t handled well. It doesn’t matter how you approach this subject, it shouldn’t be in a fucking Batman comic. It doesn’t add in the story at all, and what is a little upsetting, just like Dio, it is almost all stereotypes and not trying to clear it up at all.
Anyways, the night Angie, Jimmy’s wife dies, they got in a fight and he left her in downtown Gotham. Because, you know, it is such a safe city. So he feels guilty about her death. That is why he doesn’t date. I don’t know why we had to go with, because I’m afraid of AIDS instead of, I loved someone and she broke my heart. The second one would have given us a hint that here was another woman, but this one doesn’t even try. It would make the scene with Jimmy crying over Angie in issue two make so much more sense.

We end on Dio getting a freaking Gun too. I guess he heard Joel had one wanted to one up the old man, because, well, he is an ex-con.

Issue Four opens with Dio following his wife, thinking she is going to see her lover. He plans on killing them both, but it turns out she is just trying to get her old job back. Why? Because Dio is too lazy to try and find one, or talk to his parole office for a list of places that is cool with hiring ex-cons. Jennifer feels bad for being an asshat to Jimmy and tries to get in contact with him. He doesn’t want to talk to her, and ignoring her calls. Joel and Emma are going to see the doctor again, and he doesn’t want her to know he brought the gun. Why is he carrying the gun around? Beats the hell out of me….

Roise got a gun…

And Rosemary’s insanity gets the better of her and she has brought her father’s rifle to work. Yea, she got a gun too.
You know how I listed what all the other characters were doing? That is because they all end up in front of the station. Except for Rosemary, she is on the roof. With her Father’s Rifle.

Wait…..Doesn’t Taila call him that? Awkward….

She fires into the crowd, in front of the station, to you know, get Batman’s attention. Even though it is the middle of the day, because, you know, he is FRANK.

It works. Batman shows up and she keeps calling him Frank and that she knows he loved her. Batman is confused as shit, but Gordon shows up and arrest her. She doesn’t hit anyone either, because her father taught her how to aim and he was a sharpshooter. The only person hurt was Emma because DIO TOOK OUT HIS GUN AND FIRED BACK AT ROSEMARY. Even though they couldn’t see Rosemary at all; yea it makes that much sense as anything else Dio has done. Dio ends up back in jail with the hint that his wife got a clue and is going to leave him. Jimmy protects Jennifer, and they go home together.

Why does it look like Bruce is going to punch Joel?

Bruce shows up and give Joel a job because he remembers them from when his father used to take him to the free clinic and he remembers playing with their dead son. So everything gets tied up in a nice little bow.

This….wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good either. There was an attempt to give Gotham more depth, and I don’t feel it pulled that off. But the dream in issue 2 made it worth it to me. Did I waste 4 dollars? No. I don’t feel I did. I also feel I didn’t get what I was expecting, but there isn’t much I can do about that. It is what it is.


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