While I need to study, Avengers!

Since I’m in the thick of finals, things are going to rather quick today, because I have to study. So I ‘m going to talk about a movie. And not a DC movie. I know, I’m scared too. But I saw the Avengers again last night, and had a few questions, such as:
How does Thor not know his hammer wouldn’t kill Tony and Steve when they fought in the forest? Or does he not care? I mean, was he planning on murdering them to stop Loki? I haven’t seen the movie Thor, so I don’t know if he just likes murdering people or not. Or if he has a code about it or not. I could understand that he doesn’t know who the fuck these people are and Loki was with them, so it is understandable that he thinks they are working for Loki, and attack them. And then he just leaves with them, because why? They pulled out their “We are good Guys don’t kills us” cards? He just goes with them because of what? I don’t remember having anyone say we are trying to stop him. So Thor is just easily tricked?
What is with Black Widow and Hawkeye? And What I mean by this is what is the relationship supposed to be, two partners or lovers? I know that is really, really simple but I read the scenes with them completely wrong it seems. When I spoke about it to my friend, he said that she was in love with him. I was like, say what? I supposed that they were really close partners, and you end up with a relationship similar to one that they had. They are each other’s right hands, people that they trust. They are implied to have a relationship that two soldiers would have. Two cops in a car. I know that they date in the comics but they didn’t have go this way. It is weird because I don’t understand which way that they wanted us to read it.
How Bruce controls the Hulk. They spend a lot of time setting up the relationship that I mention above and then just ignore the Hulk. Who is there the whole fucking time, where Hawkeye wasn’t. What is the answer.
Why the fuck Pepper didn’t call Tony?! She fucking dating him, everyone knows he is Ironman, and she doesn’t call when she see his house is fucked up? And she doesn’t answer when he calls.
While I enjoyed the movie, these were just a few things I noticed. And I felt it dragged in places, but I don’t know how they could have fixed that. Would I see it again? Hell yes.


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