So…who is gay here?

Note: I am going to say this now. I don’t plan on ever deleting comments on this blog, but I will not NOT put up with any gay bashing. I’ll be honest that I’m very supportive of the gay community and if you have problem with that, it’s a big tough shit. My opinions aren’t going change on that no matter how many homophobic things you say to me. The comments will be deleted if they take on a homophobic nature. END OF FUCKING STORY. I feel they’re uncalled for because, whatever you feel, you can be respectful to others about it. I believe in putting positive in the universe.  And we are talking about who work as a story telling element, not your feelings on the sexualitiy. Plus these people don’t really exist at the end of the day outside of comics and movies. ( In other words, don’t be a dick. Because then I will have to be a bigger fucking one. And I don’t want to.)

So I have read a lot of the whole new Gay DC Hero and I will admit it. I had a freak out. Because I had to know who it would be. It’s the writer in me. And then I started thinking about the Big Three, Bats, Supes, and Wondie, and was like, how the fuck could you make one of them gay? From a story telling stand point, it wouldn’t make that much sense to me. And you know what? I realized something. It is going to be someone we haven’t seen yet. No, really, the second wave is coming out now and they announce that they are going to make some character gay? And said it would be someone prominent. Well, I can tell you who I think it probably isn’t. Superman, clearly in love with Lois. I don’t see it being Batman or Wonder Woman, just because, well, it doesn’t make sense in their so far storylines. That, and I also had the feeling Wonder Woman likes the play both sides of the fence. So, she already bisexual. And making her a lesbian just Kills Batwoman in my mind.

My Fiancé and I talked about it and he threw out someone on Earth Two. This is someone prominent, but I don’t see it being one of the main three. It doesn’t seems like something DC would do. Plus most of their stands alones are almost a year old. Why would you wait this long to be like, surprise, look who is gay! That is just a tack on story element. And shitty story telling.

What? Batwoman is Prominent….So is Deadshot, Donna Troy (MIA), Wally West (MIA Also), Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon…..FUCK, the Joker. But they said hero, and we all know the Joker has said he wants Batman…in that way. And damn I’m rolling out the ellipses today.

But honestly, my money is on Tim Drake. (I have a feeling it’s a man. They wouldn’t announce it like this for a woman. They would just do it. Because Lesbians are hot.) I can’t explain it, but Red Robin would make sense. I mean, have you looked at his costume? He looks like a fucking condom. Any of the Robins could work to tell the truth. Well….maybe not Dick. But Tim or Jason. Damian is just too young to tell yet. Batman has too much of a love affair with breast to be gay. I mean really. Look at his girlfriends, they have huge tracks of land.  All the back ground stuff over the years to be like, he is gay, it would be…..I can’t even come up with the words of what it would be. Fuck, it could be Jimmy fucking Olsen for all we know.

Or they are being Jackoffs and this is all about Kimberly Kane throwing herself a coming out party.

And this is someone who might become prominent after they come out. So we could all be having this shit storm for no fucking reason at all. I mean, I have read 4 different articles at this point, and I can’t find what Dido said word for word. They all seem to say different freaking things. (Does someone have a video or a transcript of what he said that isn’t twisted?) This one says something along the lines that it would happen after they come out. That they are kinda unknown at this point  but I have seen others twist it to it sound like it is one of the big players. So what is the right freaking answer? I have a feeling this one might be on the more up and up for some reason. It just makes more sense. Getting a character who was in the shadows before into the lime light.

And when has sexaulity really come up before in any of the comics before? We don’t see their personal lives when you really think about it. We get to see them at crisis point and maybe a little after. Never really them going about their daily routine. I mean, could you imagaine what a Batman comic would look like if it was just him working his day job? WORST COMIC IDEA EVER!

But beside all that, what do us, the fans, really care? We are going to put who we want with who we want them with. Don’t believe me? Head over to and tell me that isn’t the case. I think they have every combo that you could come up with. Batman and Superman, Batman and the Flash (Wally not Barry, which makes even less sense if you ask me), Batman and one of the Robins (Which bothers me because he is pretty much their father, but some people like that.) And that isn’t the tip of the fucking iceberg.



  1. Honestly, I think this is all just an attempt by Dan DiDio to court controversy and stir stuff up. If an established hero turns out to be gay, the revelation will be neither believable nor well-handled. As for Superman being gay…

    …Peter David poked fun at that once. 😉

    Also, I think we’ll have to disagree on the idea that seeing what a superhero or supervillain’s day job is like would be bad. here are some comics that have played with the idea and proven quite entertaining (though usually short-lived). One that comes to mind is one of the more recent versions of She-Hulk, where they tried to explore how the legal system in a comic book universe would actually function. Do ghosts have rights? Can Spider-Man sue the Daily Bugle for libel? Heck, the latter scenario lead to this absolutely hilarious moment during the trial:

    And, honestly, I would LOVE to see a title called “Harleen Quinzel: Supervillain Psychiatrist”, where Harley Quinn’s latest, earnest attempt to go straight and rebuild her career is complicated by her former associates coming to her for advice or treatment. 😀

    • Well Harleen Quinn being a psychiatrist would be awesome, mostly because I’m imagining Batman crying on her couch facing that his parents are dead and he has issuses.
      I agree there are a few characters that are were seeing their day job would work, but I don’t think it could work for all of them. The only time were Batman’s Job would be intresting if he is fighting a takeover from Lex Corp. Other than that he is a CEO. At a day the office for him would just be, this is a time I can’t be batman.
      The biggest problem is I have a feeling that they are going to make this the main character trait for this hero, which is not how you do it. Sexaulitly is a part of the personalitly of a human being, not the whole fucking thing or the definding characteristic.I have a feeling it will be one of those, here is who is it, and then it will never be brought up again.

      • When Bunker was originally announced last year, I made the following statement on the CBR Forums:

        “Back in old comics, cartoons, and television shows, in most instances where you had a group of characters, its members would be almost exclusively male with the sole exception of one female character whose defining characteristic, with few exceptions, was her gender and the stereotypes associated with it. In the present, gay has become the new female: a homosexual character runs the risk of being completely defined by his or her sexuality and the associated stereotypes if written poorly. That’s why I’m suggesting that a writer would be better off focusing on writing a good character that just happens to be gay rather than setting out to create an explicitly gay character and subsequently writing their personality around that trait.”

        Right now, it’s looking like DC’s going down the second route, i.e. making some random A or B-lister gay just to show how progressive they are, which really isn’t all that encouraging. It’s like what they did with Batwoman all over again as far as media hoopla is concerned (not that I have anything against Kathy Kane; her portrayal has been excellent so far).

        As for what you said about day jobs not being interesting…do I have a comic book story for you about that! Check my e-mail from yesterday as it’s directly related to it. 🙂

  2. Commenting on my phone is pain because it is not letting mme sign in. I thunk it us going to be a b-Lister because there is not way they are going to rock the boat to far. And it is going to be a man because they already have done a female.
    I guess what I mean by the day job thing is you can’t fill all the comics with that.

    • I understand what you mean, but it can make for some interesting character studies. In fact, my personal favorite “JLA” story was one written by Mark Waid where most of the Leaguers were split into their civilian and costumed identities. The psychology of what happens with Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Batman, and Plastic Man as a result of this is rather interesting.

      • I don’t doubt that. Just you really couldn’t pull off an arc on it.

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