The Avengers Vs the Justice League

The Avengers Vs the Justice League

So one of the free comics I was the reprint of the first Avengers, and I decide to compare it to the first justice league. And about when I figured out that Marvel hates new readers for some reason, because not even three pages in do they have a freaking splash page that has 26 people who are joining up. Fucking 26 Characters and over half of them, I don’t know who they are. They aren’t named, just shown. WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE. I mean, Justice League, even if you had been living under a rock and didn’t know who Batman was, it told you. It was like, Hey, this is Batman, and he is fucking awesome. I’m not a big marvel fan, but I only recognize 7 of them that I am dead sure of. And when I read 1602 I got who everyone was. So it isn’t like I just don’t know them, it is really random. The first Justice League, we had just Batman and Green Lantern. And that was great. Why? Because we got to see the interact with each other and get a feel for their personalities. These are just random 26 people who I only completely sure of 7 of them. That is not good story telling, plain and simple. I guess the team was broken up before, which isn’t a big deal, but I feel like this should have been the team getting together for the first time. So they did give a little background on why the Avengers aren’t around any more, because of the civil war and a few other reason. But really, they are still working together for the most part, why do they need a team if it doesn’t work. Even when the team drops down to 7 the interactions are a little stale. And there is one thing I am confused about, because I though Captain America was setting up the team, and then one in the outfit and one in civie clothes? Can someone explain it. Did Captain America get split or something? They introduce the threat in this one, just like in Justice League, but they have more of a bang. I mean, Thor slaps him around like it is nothing. Beside the glowing egg thing, I don’t see what the threat is. In Justice league, it was the threat of not knowing. It add to the tension they were building. In Avengers….I am just not feeling the tension. It just isn’t there. Because I have no fucking clue what the glow egg does. And it makes it all about the Avengers children. Batman would not put up with this shit. Granted, his children, if he has more than just Damian would probably be as bat shit insane as he is. So there is that. So this is a team up, future saving story with Kids. And Character explosion. I mean, really, they only have 7 people join up after talking to 26 people. Why did we have to talk to 26 people, were over half said they would join. And the Hulk at the end is talking about how we will join.

Sorry for no scans again. Still can’t get it to work on this thing. Not much longer thou. And when I get the scanner working again I will scan stuff in.


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