Batman and the Odyssey

So I’m feeling awkward today. I like to try and keep up my posting deal, because, well, I’m crazy. And since it was a short week and I can’t do scans I’m not really sure what to do.  What to talk about. I have a few old trades I want to talk about, but I can’t because I can’t do Scans. I don’t want to stop doing a few blogs because if I do, I will get out of the habit. And the reason I do so many is I’m trying to keep writing to get in the habit of doing it. (I write other things as well, mostly short fiction.) I know I’m not posting tomorrow, but because I don’t have scans.

I just keep telling myself one more week. So I guess I will talk about something I noticed in the animated Justice League which made me wonder. Batman going on about The Odyssey. He brings it up as an example at least twice, once in Tabla Rasa, and then again in Little Piggy. The first time comes out of no where were he start talking about how they tricked the cyclops. It follows right after he points out he hasn’t slept in three days. So in his mind it makes sense to talk about it? I mean, I know he is making a point to John not to assume someone who is weak can’t get you, but it is a really reaching example. I sure he could have used something from US history, and the two of them would get it. If he was talking to Wonder Woman, it would make complete sense. But he is talking to John. Another American, he could be like, the British did that to us in the revolutionary war. Look how well that worked out for them. But he picks the odyssey…okay. That’s cool Batman. Even John is like, okay, you made your point….weirdly. But whatever. It makes way more sense in Little Piggy because they are fighting Circe who is from the Odyssey. That one makes perfect sense because Circe is a cunt in the Odyssey. Completely. She turns Odysseus’s men into pigs and feed them to him. I mean, she is a jerk. And in the show the only thing she does is make him sing to save Diana? Oh I’m sorry, but why aren’t you the badass you usually are Circe? The hell? I like that episode a lot, because of all the references they throw in, but it really makes no sense at all.

But back to Batman and the Odyssey. He references this book twice and I don’t recall any other references to any other forms of literature….so is this the only book he has ever read? It is the only one he ever talks about….What about Shakespeare? James Joyce? Chaucer? What about someone else? I don’t know.

Thinking about he, he lives an Odyssey when you think about it, when he gets sent back in time. Where these hints to what was going on in the comics?


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