How Long…

I know that DC said they were going to shy away from putting Lois and Superman back together, but I am calling bullshit on that. It is only a matter of time before they stick the two of them together. I mean, look how fast her boyfriend did is his appearing act? And Lois is always going to have a love affair with Supes. It is like a constant in the universe, fish got to swim, birds got to fly, and Lois and Superman have to be together. There are just some things you don’t mess with. It is just a bad idea in the long run. Plus, Superman needs something to make him less Bland. That is my biggest problem with the character, he is so damn bland. When he is with Lois, he is more of a person and not a Gary Stuish Character. There just becomes a lot more depth to him. I know it is only a matter of time before Lois figures out that he is Superman, and I really hope they don’t drag this out. It would be pointless to do so. I mean, Lois is a smart woman; that is why I love her so much, so her not having any idea that Clark Kent disappears when Superman should be a big clue. That and she has already been presented with some clues that he was in Kansas when she called him. So if she hasn’t put it together, give her twenty minutes, I’m sure she will get it.

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