Mr. Freeze and His Wife-Batman Annual 1

So was I the only one who took Freeze to not excaulty knowing his ‘wife’ as a fun turn in the character? I mean, when they brought him in for the animated show, it was clear Nora was his wife and that they were in love at some point. (That was the first time I had seen the character and that is the one I go to for as a base for the character.) You know, before she became an ice cube…But to have him be just her stalker as an intresting direction. It makes me think back to the relationship that Nora and Victor were said to have in the animated seires and question that. After all, he says she is his wife, we have no proof to not believe him. Or believe him. We only have what he has told us. And that is that he has a wife. But we can’t prove if he was lying or not. This seems to show otherwise. Which was nice.

There is a downside. It changes a bit of the nature of what Freeze is, because he always seemed one of Batman’s more symonthic villians. You felt for Freeze, he just wanted to save his wife. It just happened that the only way that he could do to save her was to fall into Super Villainy. It was sad that he had to turn to these things because  Now that she isn’t his wife….well, he just comes off a little more creepie. There is a bit of a uniqueness that is gone from him and now he is just another crazy dude out for revenge for a woman he really has no connect to. The idea that their relationship is that of a stalker works well, too, because Victor knows everything about her. She knows nothing of him and he has been able to project his feelings that he need her to feel about him. I think it would be fun if he is able to get ahold of Nora and bring her back. I’m all for character torture and I think having him go on a rampage in Gothman because Batman was right would be awesome. Also seeing him try and make a relationship with this woman would be intresting. Because it really won’t work. I mean, I doubt it won’t work.

And what kinda of Dicks are Nora’s family. They freeze her to give her a chance to live at some other point in time, not knowing if they were going to be able to see her on the other side. So they frooze her so someone in the furture could unfreeze her and everyone she knew would be really old or dead. She was froozen in the 60’s after all. (She was born in 1943, if what batman said is right.)



  1. I think that this is a really interesting idea for a character in many ways and I wouldn’t mind seeing it explored, but not with Victor.

    I am not usually the sort to give into fan rage but I admit to a couple, only partially ironic, “Scott Snyder finally betrayed my trust”s after finishing this issue. Nora and Victor Fries were one of those beautiful fascinating love stories in comic books and I’m really sad to see them go the way of Lois and Clark. In some ways it’s even sadder than Lois and Clark or Iris and Barry. Barry Allan is still the Flash without Iris, but Victor? Without Nora, Victor turns back into Mr. Zero. There’s a reason they killed him off.

    The worst of it was that Snyder wrote a really excellent if slightly hyper-violent Mr. Freeze for the entire issue before pulling the rug out from under his motivation.

    Nora being frozen even robs the stalker story of some of its depth, it would be both sadder and more meaningful if Victor had actually been her stalker and years later still can’t separate his obsession from the reality of healthy love.

    It just feels like a watered down Preston Payne Clayface.

    I suppose that, in the end, all that’s changed is that Nora is more to us what she was to Victor: a pale dancer in a music box and a reminder of when things were happier.

    Excuse me, I have to go read the Batman Adventures Christmas issue.

    • That is a far point. It was a fun idea, but really, you are almost completely right. Would have made a good elseworld story. This was written when I still had a little hope for the New 52. Then they decide on the Superman/Wonder Woman Alliance ((That’s what they are calling it in the previews, which I find fucking funny.)) Bullshit I losted that. DC are going full retard.

      • I think all romantic relationships, marriages, and hook-ups should be referred to as alliances from now on.

      • Yea, because calling it what it is would be dangerous. I love how they won’t even talk about it in their stand alones. I hope it doesn’t show up in their stand alones. I can’t wait til it die. I really can’t stand it all.

      • The whole cryo-preservation thing is helpful but it wasn’t necessary, they could have just made a new villain to do this with and left Mr. freeze with what made him popular. Even Arnold couldn’t ruin that story!

      • Hell, DC Busniess plan as of late is lose readers. So what do we know.

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