Ode to Sam

Oh Look, They are so in love. Hope nothing happen to them, like a train.

I know I said that it doesn’t count if you don’t see the body. But that only counts with Morrison’s writing. I’m pretty sure that Sam is dead. Because this is Robinson, the Guy who wrote Cry for Justice and he murdered a lot of Gays in that and a small child and took Ray Haper’s arm. I think the only reason Batwoman is still alive because she looked at that and went, that is some bullshit and left.

Because of this, I’m writing an ode to Sam and his wonderful characterization. We will always remember how….Gay he was? How he wore a black shirt. And liked Bullet Trains. And Loved Alan Scott. And liked to lean up against walls. And how everyone called him Alan’s Friend. Like they weren’t dating. And liked to plan trips. See, he was well developed before they dropped a freakin’ train on him.

Oh wait, no he wasn’t. He was a god damn prop. And that is something that should piss us off. What is the point to introducing a character that you are just going to murder not without giving him any personality. His personality is he loves Alan Scott and that they are gay. But that doesn’t work for me. The Character had a grand total of 9 Panels were we actually saw him. He gets a little more if you could the one where we don’t see him. We get about 11.

Good writing, every death affects us. Even if it is a character you don’t like. It creates some form of emotion. The only emotion I’m really feeling is that Robinson hates homosexauls. No, really, that is what I’m feeling. Which doesn’t make sense to me why he would make Alan Scott gay because he clearly doesn’t like writing them.

Oh the other thing we will remember about Sam is how he has blue eyes and black hair. Just like the trinity. Well, his blues fall more into the gray area….but that’s beside the point.  We didn’t get to know this character. WE GOT ROBBED.

The point to making Alan Scott Gay is clear. It was to sell comics. Which is fine. That is what they are in the business to do. But to pull this shit, someone needs to be slapped, and I vote we go knock Robinson around.

And in the whole gay character, Tim Drake would have made more sense. I mean look at his cowl….HE MADE HIS HEAD LOOK LIKE A PENIS FOR GOD SAKE! And he is afraid of boobs.

Oh and his real name was Samuel but prefered to called Sam.



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  2. Agreed. It’s even more rage-inducing that they made a huge deal out of Alan Scott being gay, only to kill his boyfriend the first time you really see him.

    Stuff like this is why DC is on my personal shitlist. James Robinson is a better writer than this. DC can do better. They’ve proven it with Blackest Night. As readers, we have to hold them accountable for this type of crap.

    • I don’t know if he is a better writer or not. The only thing I have read of his was Cry for Justice and that left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • I’d suggest the Shade miniseries he did last year, which itself tells me that I should be recommending Starman but haven’t gotten around to it. I was shocked when I found out that Robinson wrote Cry for Justice, as I’ve found him to be a smart, talented writer, if a tad verbose.

        The one thing I will say is that Robinson didn’t make a big deal out of Alan’s sexuality, he just didn’t hide it. Then when DC realized that they could remind everyone that they have gay charters they jumped on it.

        That said, I think you’ve hit the big issue. I’m fine with Sam’s death, it’s his life I find disappointing. I know that he was only an active participant in the story for a short time but even if a character’s ultimate function is to move another character forward they ought to be as fleshed out and unique as possible in the time they’re doing so.

        This month’s issue of Earth 2 has given me more hope that Sam and Alan’s relationship will be given the respect it deserves but I’m not sure I’ll ever call it a particularly good romance, just one that might not bother me.

        I’m not sure if you’re still following the story but I feel compelled to ask how Alan’s reactions affected your view of the relationship.

      • Alan is only going to look at it as good, just because he doesn’t have the person there any more. This is also the problem I have with the superman/Wonder Woman Bullshit they are trying to push now. There is nothing there, at least this relationship had passion too it. Supes and Wondy are just two friends who haven’t figured out they are friends. And making that relationship so fucking important has turned me off even more.

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