Batman Beyond-Yes, I know it is for kids

So I’ve been reading Batman Beyond for a while now….and I think it kicks ass. I know it is meant for kids, but it kicks ass. No really, it kicks some serious ass. I mean, the story telling style is a little lack luster and confusing, which is upsetting as it is for fucking kids, but I like it. There are at least three fucking stories going on at once and maybe I am having a hard time with because I have a fucking old brain and not someone with the attention span of a fucking fly but here I’m. When I finally figured out how the stories linked together, they are pretty good. There is one where they are dealing with Darksied; one where Terry and Bruce are resetting up the whole Batman support system, by buying back Wanye Tech; one with a villain who uses bombs and has a freaking dog that he always have to be around; and the best one is that Terry is going after the new Joker who happens to be the brother of his ex-girlfriend, whom he is trying to get back together with. And it kicks ass. All the stories, when I figured out how to read it , kick ass. I mean, that is all I can say.

I’m not sure what I enjoy the most about it, to tell the truth. I used to watch the Batman Beyond Series when it first came out, and there was something about the relationship between Bruce and Terry that was fun. The Comics have kept that going, which is awesome. Part of the reason that show worked so well was because Terry was like a dick in training, and Bruce is the master. But they care about each other, which makes it kind of sweeter. Which yet again, I feel dirty for calling a batman comic sweet but here we are. That is what, three times now this blog has made me feel dirty for that?

Yes. That is a Villain with a small Dog in his pocket. Do you have a problem with that?

The Villains are creative. They are completely insane and enjoyable. The Guy with the puppy? Yea, he is a bombs dealer, and freaks the fuck out if you touch his puppy. It is amazing and kinda wrong.

This is so cool and sad, and cool. And yes, I know I sound like an asshole calling this cool. But it is.

The story with Darksied is about the new Justice League, which has all new member except one. They are keeping Superman in the Justice League, as the only original member still around and still active. Yea, Bruce is still involved with Terry but for the most part he has nothing to do with the League itself. Oh and Lois is dead. That was a bit of a bummer. But what is neat is the fact they are addressing that he is dealing with it. There was point where he is talking to Lois’s head stone and it is just sweet. And it was a surprise to see it in the comic for the most part. Dealing with someone’s relationship in a comic? Wow DC, we saw how well you do it with Alan Scott! (Too soon? Probably. Do I care? Not really.) They’re having Superman dealing with all his friends are dead and Bruce appears to want nothing to do with him. Which isn’t too surprising, Bruce doesn’t like anyone. The only thing about Superman is I feel like they are hinting that he is going to have a break down and I’m not sure if I like that. Yea, I get he feels that he is a little washed up but there is no reason for him to go on some kind of spree….which is what I feel is being hinted at. I mean, the young people in the league do see him as a leader of sorts, but tend to do what Terry says because he has Bruce in his ear. So even if Bruce isn’t there, he is there.

What….So he is calling Tim and Dick…it isn’t like he raised them or anything. And look, Tim got over his fear of boobs to have a kid.

But the best part is Bruce and Terry’s unofficial Dick off. They have been trying to up each other every chance that they get but they both get good ones it. It is pretty funny. That alone to me, makes it worth buying, but the only thing that annoys me is that it feels this comic is better planned out than the Night of Owls Event…..But more on that later.


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