Other Odes I should have written

I wrote the ode to Sam, even though it will be a few more weeks before we find out if he is dead or not. But I wonder if I should start one for Fire or Mari in JLI yet or not.

This is really, the only thing I remember Fire saying. This the only thing I remember her doing in JLI. And it is about BATMAN, Not herself.

I mean, Fire is in a coma, after only getting to say about a few lines of dialogue, mostly talking about how Batman was going to put the smack down on some guy. That is really it before they exploded her. Because, it WAS ABOUT DRAMA! I honestly didn’t mind this one that much, because they had it building in the back ground. That bombing had a purpose, even if it was something that I may not agree with. The people didn’t want the International team to begin with, and they did have an okay set up into that event. Will she pull through? We aren’t sure. It is still on the fence. And it works.

Mari has the chance of being paralyzed? Would she still be on the team then? I feel like this a new set up for someone to take the oracle role. Which could work, I mean, it isn’t fair to think she is just going to drop out of being a superhero, just because she can’t walk. Barbara Gordon kept on trucking. I would like to think that Mari would be the same way. She would not take that shit laying down. And yes, I know I made a really shitty joke there. Just go with it. I have to open in the morning and am trying to get this done. She is Vixen damn it. She will get back up somehow.

For the most part, these two characters will probably come out fine. Because DC doesn’t have a good reason to kill them or take them out of the game really this early. There was a stupid reason to kill Sam. That was because Sam made us see that Alan Scott is gay, and his death is going to affect Alan. That means Alan won’t be dating. Which means they can have a gay superhero and not have to show the relationship that goes with it, because that would make waves. So Alan Scott being gay is pointless. They should tell us about a relationship, not show us. That is breaking writer’s rule one, show don’t tell. This is even worst when it is a fucking comic book we are talking about because it is design to show us the story. I say fuck that and let the gay loving happen. Even if Sam doesn’t make it, it would be nice to see Alan morn. And maybe, dare I say it, look for love again. After all, he is human, not a fucking mourning Dove. (Fuck, look at Batman; he still is trying to find love even though most of the women he dates try to kill him. Or rape him in the desert. Because she wants a baby boy to rule the world with.) I hope they at least give him that. If that doesn’t happen, I will be more pissed. Because there would have been no reason for anything that went down.


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