Batwoman and A Drive By

I love how we have a short week about two weeks ago, and I felt I had nothing to talk about. Then this week happens and I want to talk about everything at once, so I’m just going to do a drive by on a few and come back later. Hopefully.

Batman and Robin #10

Their faces. Just their faces.

Okay, I totally want a comic that is just Tim and Damian doing basic task together and being complete dicks to one another. Because the way those two talk to each other just makes me laugh my ass off. It would be completely entertaining. And Jason saying Bat Ass is a crack up as well.

Batman # 10

Oh shit. I mean, holy fucking shit.

Not to give anything away yet, but holy shit, is this really true? Then Bruce’s life just keeps getting more fucked up with every passing day on some level. All I can say about this, is holy fucking shit. I can’t wait for next month. And I thought this week was going to fizzle out because the Night of Owls event felt…well, now I don’t know what I think about it because it lead up to this.

Green Lantern #10

Well. This isn’t going to be good.

He’s Back! Wonder what is going to happen now that the leader of the Black Lanterns has his ring back. Are we getting a new black Lanterns invasion? I hope not, I mean, they already did that. Thou Zombies are fun, and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Batwoman-Volume 1-Hydrology

I’m going down.

Okay, done with the drive by, now on to something else I want to talk about. Batwoman trade, which I picked up and inhaled yesterday. There are just so many things about it that is just so sweet. I mean, I love the art, and the story. Oh the story is great. I love the transformed folklore that they are using with La LLorona and keeping rather true to the folklore itself. The story that they use as La Llorona’s backstory is one of the versions of her tale told in Mexico.  ( I took an intro to Folklore last semester and we talking about this story and the meaning behind it.) It’s nice to see that they did their research there because lord knows they haven’t always been good at that. Ever wonder why Wonder Woman has a Roman name? All the gods she got her powers from were known by their Roman names….and they were passing her off as Greek…Whoops. It isn’t a big deal, just one of those funny little things.

The only thing I don’t really understand is how people don’t know that Batwoman is Kate Kane, because my god she is the palest mother fucker on the planet. I mean, really, you look at her and batwoman and you can’t tell if they are the same person? That is really the only thing that takes me out of it, because the first part is Bruce trying to find out if she is batwoman or not and I was like, really, Bruce, you can’t fucking tell by looking at her?  You have to stalk her for a whole issue? Okay. Whatever floats your boat.

The tone of the story also works really well, which is nice to see another side of grit that Gotham has to offer without Batman. I won’t say that this has the same grittiness that any of the Batman comics has, but it does have a similar tone. Which is in short, awesome.

I think the choice of using the legend of La Llorona is freaking awesome. The fact that they have her still dealing with the death of her sister, who drowned, at the same time this ghost is going around and killing child, with water; is in short, brilliant.

Even the relationship that they have her getting into feels real and not forced because she is a hero in a comic series. Like they are really falling for each other and want it to work. At least we are getting some woman on woman love. We will have to work for it for Alan Scott it seems.

This is really great story telling and I’m mad at myself for not having it on my pull list. That shit might change.

Edit: Just a quick correction, Wonder Woman’s first run, she had a roman name and so did her Gods. Not sure what happen with the research there but it is what it is. When they rebooted they fixed that and left Diana with the name she has always had. That is always when in Earth 2 they still have the Roman Names.



  1. I didn’t read much of Batwoman, but each time I picked it up I was impressed by its wonderful art. “Batwoman Elegy” is one of the most beautiful comics I have ever read, from an aesthetic point of view – and story wasn’t bad, of course, since it was written by Greg Rucka, a man I will always look up to because of his amazing stories on Gotham Central. Why DC has always put very talented artists on this series, in your opinion?

    • Honestly? Because they ain’t has popular do you have to make it more appealing to get someone to buy it. I feel like a lot of the comics like Batwoman have to work harder for their readship than say, Superman. Hell, I liked Perez’s run if the character because it gave him depth, but now he is back to punching things. No more character depth, just the same stuff. They aren’t trying to make things interesting because they know they will still.sell him. Batwoman not so much and they have try for her. Just as an example
      You could get away with writing a Batman comic were all he does is eat peanuts in his underwear and it would sell.

      • Good answer. And I agree that some DC titles have a guaranteed audience: that’s why DC decided to create so many spin offs of Batman and Green Lantern – because they knew that titles would have sold no matter what. At the beginning of the New 52 line DC tried to vary its offer, with some unexpected titles like Static Shock, Mister Terrific, Hawk and Dove… but it simply didn’t work.
        About the enormous quantity of Batman titles, on the 23rd of May I commented a post saying:
        “I agree with you that DC new deal is giving a perhaps excessive attention to the Batman world, but I love each component of the Batman family (except for Damian and Batwing), so I’m liking it. And seeing Barbara back in action… it’s priceless. And I still hope they will come Gotham Central back to life: it was my favourite series, and, when DC decided to close it, it was one of my biggest pains as a comics reader.”
        But 19 days later, when I knew another Batman spin-off (Talon) was on the way, I wrote:
        “The New 52 line is becoming more and more Batman – themed. At first I was glad about it, but now I’m afraid DC is wearing its best character out, until even the fondest Batman fans will go through a rejection crisis for him.”
        This is not the only wrong choice DC made in the last year: for example, they heavily distorted one of my favourite DC characters (Green Arrow), and this is something really difficult to accept. Anyway, even if I don’t like the concept of making a reboot and I think that DC made some errors in the last year, I have been mostly satisfied with the New 52. Series like Animal Man, Aquaman and Swamp Thing are having an enormous success; other ones, like I, Vampire and Suicide Squad, are doing far better than a C-list DC comic is supposed to do.
        I tried only 2 of the 6 series I mentioned: I bought the 6th issue of Suicide Squad (and I found it was good, but overrated) and the TP of Animal Man. I think that Lemire series definitely is one of the best New 52 series. The detail I enjoyed more was the homelike atmosphere: I can’t tell you why, but it reminded me of Daria, an MTV cartoon I was deeply in love with when I was younger. And the decision of setting this series in a small town, instead of choosing a metropolis, is another detail that pushes Animal Man near to Daria (and to indie comics as well, since this is their typical setting – I bet this is not a coincidence). I’m not going to buy Animal Man regularly (I’m already doing this with Grifter and Nightwing, and I can’t afford to do it with a third series), but I will definitely buy the second TP when it comes out.
        As you can guess, Grifter and Nightwing are the New 52 series I am enjoying more. Nightwing was no surprise: the character is so interesting that it’s almost impossible not to do something good with him. I didn’t know Grifter before the New 52 had started, but I loved it from the very first issue. Do you remember the action movies in the 90s? There was a Rambo – like leading character (usually played by Stallone himself, or by Schwarzenegger) forced to fight against innumerous enemies: any other man would have been doomed, but our hero, with his guns, muscles, fight techniques and (last but not least) brain, was always able to find a way out. Grifter has the same storyboard, it is the exact translation of those movies in the comic book language: no matter how many enemies he has to face and how complicated their plans are, you can be sure Grifter will find a solution to all his problems. The stories are easy but well written, and the art is simply explosive. Edmonson’s run was amazing, especially from the 4th issue on, and Liefeld’s one got off on the right foot, so I’m very satisfied with this series so far. It is definitely one of the best DC comics right now, so I can’t understand why it doesn’t sell: it should be at the top of the list of every comic book lover.

      • You know, I don’t mind Damian that much. Yea, he is a totally asshole, and completely screwed up, but I like the kid. He just wants his father’s attention, and I can’t blame him for that. And he has never really had any normal contact so it makes sense he is completely screwed up. His most loving parent is Batman, this kid screwed out of the starting gate.

        I don’t know what I think about Talon yet. I found the whole Night of Owls event just kinda, well, that happened. There wasn’t any real intresting storyline there, so making a comic series of them seems, well, stupid, even if it is a short run.

        And Now I want to check out AnimalMan if it reminded you of Daria. Because that show was awesome.

  2. I’m glad to know that Animal Man gained a new reader thanks to me. And most of all, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one regretting Daria. Congrats for your good taste, both about comics and tv shows! 🙂

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