Batman And Robin #10-It’s on Like Donkey Kong!

Oh Jason….Why weren’t you at the manor earlier?

I can’t wait to see what the hell happens with the Robin War. The other side of the story is just kinda, meph, but the Robin War looks awesome. I mean, I just see Dick and Jason just giving Damian something to leave them alone because they don’t care that much. Tim, now Tim is going to fight it, because he keeps forgetting that he is too old for this crap and can’t act like an adult. Because, that would be the sane thing to do when dealing with a ten year old that is at the end of the day, acting like the ten year old he is. Though Damian does have the training to back himself up.

Really, this is a fight between Tim and Damian, not all of the robins, (And on another point, where the hell is Stephanie? She was a robin, does she count? Or is it because Bruce ping pong between ignoring and making her work that she isn’t there?) After all, they are the youngest and completely hate each other. Which makes sense because Damian did try to kill him, and since it appears that Batman is pretty much just giving the finger to the reboot and doing whatever it wants, I voted that still happened.

But then Tim’s line about any of them being able to wipe the floor with Damian makes no sense. After all, the first time Tim and Damian faced off, Damian clearly won and almost killed him. So I don’t know what is going on there.

I love this idea, and how the two oldest robins are like, I’m staying out of this. Jason doesn’t give a shit, and Dick is probably going to try and keep Tim and Damian from killing each other. Hell, Jason strikes me as the one who will sit there with a twelve pack of beer, saying let them go at it; it be fun to watch. I love this set up because it is just a reminder that, at the end of the day, Damian is a ten year old kid.

And Tim going back to the cave to tell Bruce what Damian was planning, I am sorry, but what a tattle tale. He is how freaking old, and whenever Damian is around, he acts like he is five. I’m sorry but isn’t he about 18? Isn’t it time he grew up? This whole element to this character is annoying. Yea, Tim is trying to be the golden child, but to me he comes off as a bit of a prick for no reason. Yes, I know Damian tried to kill him when they first met and wasn’t the best first impression; but Tim doesn’t try to give this kid a chance when Damian is clearly trying to change. This kid has enough problems, I mean come on, his most loving parent is the Goddamn Batman. His mother never has the same personality from day to day.  Honestly he isn’t as fucked up as he should be. Cut him some slack.

And I can’t wait for Bruce to come in on this. I just see it ending with something along the lines of someone asking who the favorite is and he just saying, Cassandra. Cassandra is my Favorite because she doesn’t pull retard shit and I can trust her to do what I want and need her too.


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