Drive By #2-Wonder Woman and Batwoman #10-Chicks Clearly Rule

I was sick all weekend, so didn’t have much of a chance to get on to starting this blog post…so we are going to get another drive by. Sorry. But it is about women, so how can it be bad?

Wonder Woman #10

Well, she is a bamf

One of the things I’m really enjoying about the New Wonder Woman stuff. I know a lot of people are upset by it, for whatever reason they have, but I’m really digging it.

The reason is because I really enjoy Greek Mythos, so seeing the cannon go back to that opens realms of possibilities. Especially if they are going to bring in other Demi-Gods. There are some great ones to choose from. Example, one of the demi-god sons of Poseidon, could not be harmed on dry land. How would one defeat him? Well, in one of the versions of Theseus tale, he defeats him by holding him off the ground and stabbing him in the neck. Yea. I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

I also like how Wondy is a little bit of a punk in this. And hear me out, but after she finds out that she is Zeus’s daughter she goes to a club in London….a Club in London that looks like a punk club. And this isn’t the first time she shown listening to punk music. She gets a taste in Odyssey. So it is nice to see that Wondy is getting a personality that isn’t like the one in JL. She seems like an over active child that wants to just punch things in that. I’m hoping the time skip is going to fix that.

The redesigns of the Gods have been pretty awesome. I mean, they are creative and interesting to look at. Which is always important in a visual median. The only thing I will get a little nerd pissy about is the Eros is not Hephatestus’s son, he is Aries. But I think the point was that the Smith loves him anyways, so I’m going to let that slide.

And it was cool to see that Diana didn’t have to lie to save Hades. And the depictution of the underworld was pretty cool.

Batwoman #10 Aww yea.

Oh Dear…She’s A MAN!

I picked up all the Batwoman stuff after picking up the trade. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. Like I said before, I love transformed folklore, which is funny that the two series I have talked about in this drive by feature that. But I love it when writers present their research in a way without beating us over the head with it, I felt that has been done with Batwoman.

I’m not too keen on the jumping around telling the story in different points in time, because I feel that the reader loses out on a lot in the first straight read; but I’m willing to overlook it. I feel that they have structured it in a way that it works really well and there is no reason to stop it. It just gives me more to enjoy when I reread it.

I’m also glad that it looks like the love Triangle that Sune, Kate, and Maggie find themselves in, doesn’t look like it will be played up that much. Because I find that shit annoying because it is shitty writing, and not a way to drive up drama. And there is no reason for it because Kate doesn’t like Sune and I feel they have set Maggie’s and Kate’s relationship in a way that yes, it has problems, but it is still pretty small. I don’t think the kiss from Sune is going to affect it, because Maggie doesn’t know Kate is Batwoman. It would be a different story if she did know. I think that there is a problem between Kate and Maggie, and Sune is going to have no effect on their relationship. It is going to be Batwoman that is the problem. Really their love triangle is Kate, Maggie and Batwoman.

And Sune turning into a man, I can’t wait for  #11.

So that is really it. I will have something better for tomorrow, promise. It will either be a rant on how it is unfair that the night of owls lead into Batman #10 because now I feel I can’t be mad at it, or Green Lantern Corps #10. Still on the fence on that.



  1. I got a Question comic with Batwoman in it. The Five Books of Blood which has Renee as Question and I’m very amused that each Question has run ins with a Bat. Also Kate and Renee apperently have dated.

    • Will have to borrow that. Yea they used to date….forgot why they broke up.

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