Green Lantern Corps#10-Guilty-AND HOLY SHIT MY 50TH POST!

This is my open letter to John and the Alphas. And yes, I know they aren’t real. It’s a joke.

Really John, really? You thought that they would let you off with Life? Come on, the Alpha are clearly playing by their own damn rules. Plus if they did, there would be no reason to fight. We have to have a WAR DAMNIT!

Part of the problem is that John assumed that they worked like the same way that our courts worked. I don’t know what gave him that idea, but it is what it is. These are people who are sitting outside of the regular corp. I don’t think they have any rules they have to follow. Hell, it is implied that they don’t even have to follow the Guardian’s rules. So clearly, John is carrying the idiot ball around. Because it is keeping him warm? I don’t know.

And yet again, I have a question. John kills another Lantern, he deserves death….Hal kills a Guardian, he gets his ring taken away, and sent home….Does this now seem a little unfair? Why didn’t the Alphas go after Hal? He killed one of the leaders, shouldn’t he be brought to justice for that? Am I silly to feel it is a race thing? Both are good Lanterns, Both are human, but the different between the two is strictly racial. So, yea….This seems a little racist to me DC.

Thou Kirrt’s family did have a right to be pissed off. John did sit there and lied to them about what happened. I mean, that is having your love ones killer for dinner. I don’t understand why he was holding an idiot ball when he saw them and the truth came out. Are you retard John?

They aren’t very good vilians.

And the Alphas’’ are afraid to kill? Really? They want to make John an example not to kill don’t have the ability to do it? And I love how they are like, we will get someone else to do it. Because you can deal out the sentences but you can’t do the deed. GROW SOME BALLS ALPHAS, Please? You are being set up to be the villains, could you be a little less pussy please? Otherwise this arc won’t be fun. You aren’t complex, you aren’t that interesting, you could at least be totally dicks. Just a suggestion you should take.

You know you are a shitty villian when Guy is telling you how you should be doing it.

Also when Guy shows up with food.  That should have been the hint to John that shit was going to go down.

And I can’t wait to see the fall out.

I feel like I should have saved this for funny panel friday…oh well.

And I have been fighting with the internet all freaking morning, so this is on the short side. Sorry. And look, I had to go to Starbucks to update. AND I HATE STARBUCKS! This is what I do for love.


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