Batman Dark Knight #10-Did they forget about who was his girlfriend?

Okay, that new woman he was dating, Natalya, made me want to know one thing….

You were put on a bus it seems?

What the hell happened to Jaina Hudson? We know she is the white rabbit, but I’m pretty sure that Bruce hasn’t picked that up yet.  They implied she was behind everything or at least deeply involved in the first 8 issues and she just dropped off the face of the earth. And I know one of those issues was the night of owls event, but really? They were setting her up to be his new girlfriend? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they don’t have him dating a super villain again because that gets annoying. Because it has been done, a lot. Like, every woman he dates wants to kill him. I feel like the league should step in at some point because one of their top people self-destructs a lot. Or at least have league approved girlfriends because clearly he can’t be trusted, about to get crude, where he puts his dick or who he chooses to put it in.

A Superhero that gets turned on by evil? That is Batman in a nutshell.  I would be happen if he put the two together, I kinda like her, a new super villain shows up in Gotham, I bet they are one in the same. But something tells me that isn’t what happened.

One-Who is this bitch? Two- This is kinda creepie when you remember Damian is homeschooled and they are in the living room. She is naked under that sheet.

I think the writers forgot about her honestly. She was built up in issue 8 as being the one who got everything started up to that point, and he just loses interests in her? Really? When has Batman lost interest in someone who was so tied into the case? Scarecrow still running around and this woman is helping him? Nope, don’t need to look for them. I don’t think I can think of anyone that has happened too. And even when he gets wind that maybe, maybe these women aren’t the best for him, he still dates them. I mean, look at Jezebel Jet. He had a hint that she was working for someone to get him when she made the comment that she understood him. On their first date. And still dated her until the black Glove tried to bury him. After that, he was still trying to save her. He is a bit retarded when it comes to people with tits. The bigger, the more retard, I noticed. Clearly we know what he likes.

Dawww….That is just sweet.

That being said, the whole, him being sweet to that little girl was freaking adorable.  You always wanna think of Batman as some big scary dude fighting for the little guy. You never really see him with the little guy and yet again on this blog, I find myself calling Batman cute. What is that, 4 times? But it was nice to see, that maybe, just maybe, he isn’t always the big scary guy on the block but a feeling human being.

Oh Damian, just grow some tits. Then maybe your dad will give a shit about you.

Of course the next set of panels is him ignoring the shit out of his son, so you know, back to being an unfeeling ass. I know, I know, he has tunnel vision, and all he is seeing is the case, and everyone around him can fuck off.  But what pisses me off is he is ignoring his child, and going after some woman. I mean, think about this for a second, his son is talking about working on his rage issues, and trying to get more advice for how to do that, and Bruce flat out ignores him. He goes and see his girlfriend because of a charity event, where she is suppose to the date. That is father of the year shit right there. (She dumps his ass, realizing that he is the shitty father ever? Nope. Because she was sick of waiting around for him, and being ignored. So he pisses off his son and loses the girl.)

Not that Batman has ever been a great parent. He sure as fuck hasn’t. But he knows Damian has some serious fucking issues and like I said before, maybe he should do something about that. Or at the very least, spend some fucking time with him. I mean, the only time they did something normal was in Batman and Robin #8. And I feel like that is the only time that they have. But what is even sadder, is he is the most loving parent Damian has. That kid is fucked.



  1. You should check up on another of Bruce Wayne’s recent love interests, Absence. She’s a bit odd.

    • All of them are….I mean the man changes women like most people change underwear. But will look into her.

      The thing with Jania is they built her up to be kinda a big deal just to drop her

    • Tried to look her up on the wiki but came up with nothing….is there something esle she is known by?

      • If I’m thinking of the right girlfriend, she was only in a three part Batman and Robin story from the Dick is Batman days. I want to say issues 19 to 21 but I have no reason to trust my memory on this.

      • Well, he does go through women like one changes underwear.

      • Can you blame him? I mean, who would turn down the chance to sleep with Batman?

      • Mmm…As much as I love him, I won’t. He probably cries after sex. Or is in to the weirdest shit you can think of.

      • MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!!!!!!!

      • You have a fine point. On one hand he’s Batman and spent ten years training so that he can render you unconscious with his penis and/or give you seven orgasms with a batarang. On the other hand, this is a man who spends his nights in a kevlar suit punching a clown before coming home to a cave that, logically speaking, has to be covered in guano.

      • I bet he smells like death. and can;t look you in the eyes as it happens.

      • XD

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