Justice League International #11- Their Motto-We lose people and don’t notice.

Well, we finally got to see the JLI kick some ass without Batman, which was nice to see. In fact it was fucking awesome but one quick thing a question really….

Where the fuck is Batman? I know I said I wanted him out of the comic, but the last time we saw him, he was unconscious and being held up by a villain. Not the most graceful exit he has ever had, but really, that is a lose end to end all lose ends. These Villains have BATMAN, I would have dropped the JLI on their asses for a chance to take out fucking BATMAN. Dear writers that is a key detail to remember. You have to at least have a throwaway line about what happened. I couldn’t find one. Did the villains let him go because people like him and won’t want to see him get killed? Did Superman show up and say, that’s mine, I’m taking my gay lover back so gimme? Did Batman wake up and go, all hell no, and leave?

I hate waking up in places I don’t want to be Guy, I know your pain. [Justice League International #11]

We see every other member of the JLI in that box held together by Lightweaver, but Batman. Like he was never there in the first place, like everyone just dreamed his ass up. They have don’t seem to have noticed that Batman is missing. And it is clear they were waking up in the box.

Where is he? Did he escape? Is the JLI glad to be rid of him? Because no one seems to give a shit that he is missing. Or noticed, not one person is like, wasn’t Batman with us? I mean, it wasn’t like he was the only badass character in this thing, oh wait.

If he did escape, I would have liked to see how. And know why he didn’t save the others? Is he afraid of getting another hair job? Wrote them off as fuck ups and just left them to die? Or…..

Dear God. The Villains already killed Batman before they put the rest of the JLI in the box. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Otherwise where is he? Does the Villains have him stashed somewhere? Because if I had an unconscious batman, and was a villain, I would tell you what I would do to him….I would put a bullet between his eyes. The man is fucking dangerous. And I would be evil. Batman at this point has proven time and time again that he is fucking dangerous. Why the hell, when I have him in a position to get rid him of him, I wouldn’t? There would be no fancy fucking set up. Just something quick and done, and that would be all she wrote for the Goddamn Batman.

In other words, this is a big fucking hole that needs a fucking plug. I mean, Batman need to get out of this series, because there was no reason for him to be there, but this was not the way to do it. You don’t just throw a character out with no explanation, like they did. Last we saw him, he was unconscious. It would be one thing to see him go, you all got this, later bitches; but no, you had him get his ass kicked by a villain and then disappear next issue. (BTW, it will be fun to see how long it takes him to wonder his ass back in. Because he gets bored….and lonely. But mostly bored.)  And I would love to see them go and recuse Batman. Of course he would have already recused himself so it would be pointless.

OH AND CALLED THAT SHIT BITCHES! (I did so, right here)

Oh Who called that, I believe it was me! [Justice League International #11]


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