Not fair Batman, not fair

The last time I’m going to bitch about the Night of Owls Event.

I have one question to all those who read the event. And that is this. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED EXCAULTY? A bunch of people with poor dress sense decide to take on the batman and kind of fail completely? I mean, let’s look at the set up.

I will admit it, the setup for this event got me excited. It was Batman facing a new enemy that he knew nothing about. This had epic written all over it. They were going to be complex, and that got me even more excited. But remember when I talked about there wasn’t a lot of stake in this. I mean, what did it matter if Batman won or lost? We had no idea what the state of Gotham city was, other than Bruce was going to build more caves in it.

And this goes to one of my problems that some Batman writers seem to forget. Gotham itself, is a character, and she needs as much attention as Bruce himself needs. Maybe even more. We, the reader, have to care just like Batman does about the city. We don’t have parents that have been murdered in front of us but it is still important for us to have a feel for the city. Even though I made fun of it hard core, Gotham Nights at least tried this. It failed because it was just over the top with some of the crap it did and was completely predictable, but at least it tried.

And this isn’t completely fair to say, because Detective Comics is trying to give some depth to the city, which is pretty awesome to say the least, but it wasn’t supposed to be part of the event at first. Which I think is why, his part came out before the Batman were Bruce defeats the Talons, but totally ignored what was going on there. It gave me the feeling that the writer wasn’t happy to be dragged into this bullshit.

Then this happened….

Holy Shit.

Then we find out the Lincoln March is Thomas Wayne Jr, and I feel like I can’t bitch about this anymore. Because, well, the reveal was fucking awesome. It comes out of no where. His brother is a crazy, undead, and trying to kill him. I don’t think you can get more complex and fun with that. Lincoln March was in the background for the most of this event, really only hanging out in two early issues and they gave us a chance to forget about him. So it was surprising when he was like, hey, guess what, I’m your brother, what now?! I was like, say what? And when I went back, they did give you hints along the way.

Though, really, how did Bruce not realize that Lincoln March was his freaking brother? I mean, my god they have the same huge as chin. And they look like twins. He could have at least been like, well, maybe something is going on here that I should look into.

How is it all going to end? Is he going to freeze his brother? They clearly are not going to get along.

Just another side, with that little three arc of the Fall of the House of Wayne, I want to point out how much of a badass Martha Wayne was. Bruce gets it from her man, he totally does.


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