Batman and Robin #11-Two down, one to go.

Well the Robin War is well on its way.

And all I can do is giggle at it. I don’t know if that is bad or not.

So he took out Tim and then went after Jason. And something tells me Jason is going to take his hood back, and go back to ignoring them. I mean, he didn’t give a shit when Damian announced he was going to do this and that he is dragged into it, he is going end it. Probably tell Bruce too, just to be a dick.

And if he is so over Batman and all that, why does he have a bat symbol on his chest? I mean, really Jason, it isn’t important I believe you, it is important you believe you. It is one of those, if you are really over it Jason, why do you have a bat symbol on your chest? MMMM? Or is it just a way to piss off Bruce? Because I don’t think he cares.

It’s just Damian running around, hitting people, and taking their shit.  I can’t wait to see how Damian and Dick go at it. Part of me just has this hope that somehow, Dick kicks the shit out of him and ends up sitting on top of him. Just sitting there, like, are you done? Because I am.

Also I can’t wait to see how Bruce ends it. Because we know he is going to be the one to end it. Just something along the lines of, you did what? I mean, Bruce isn’t going to give him a pat on the back for this, which is what I think Damian thinks is going to happen. Which is sad, that this kid has no idea how to make his father proud of him, but damnit if he doesn’t try. I think is because Bruce didn’t give him a hug in the Dark Knight #10 when he talked about his rage issues.

The other is just kinda shrug to me. Not as interesting as the Robin War story. There more character development in the War to tell the truth.


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