Bonus Blog-Coffee Again….

Okay, I have said it before, I work in a coffee shop. And there are some times I just can’t take some of the shit that comes my way.

So I’m coming back to this panel.

Oh you Son of a Bitch…..[Trinty #1, Trade]

Why is this still so rage inducing? For a lot of reasons. And I think the best way to explain it is this.

Because half of those words don’t mean shit. There isn’t a standard code to get your coffee. Because there is no way they are doing peaberry expresso. Why? Because you have expresso preground before orders. Those machines you see in a coffee shop that has a clear thing full of beans that you can see when you order, that is called a dozer. It dozes out expresso. (This is assuming you are going to a place there they hand tap expresso.) There is an expresso roast, and he is shit out of luck.

But there is more things that are pissy about this. It’s the smugness. It’s the people who give you that stupid look like you asked them to eat their baby when you ask them what size cup they want their drink in. I can’t read your mind. I don’t know what size drink you want. I don’t care either. But I need it to put all your modifiers in your drink.

Or when they don’t know terms, but think they do. We had a customer the other night agure with us because she wanted floating shots in her Frap and when we did that for her, she told us it was runny. Well, no shit, you had me put hot expresso on something that is made out of ice? What did you think was going to happen. She went off on us for about 15 minutes because she didn’t understand a scientic fact.

The other thing is when people uses Starbucks menu to order and getting mad when I don’t know it. I don’t work for Starbucks, I don’t need to know their shit at all. I am just nice and make an effort to try and get you what our transation is. And No, I am not going to say which one I work for, but damnit people, when I ask you want you want, it is because I want to make sure that I get the drink right. I want you to leave happy and not deal with the fact that you just can’t read. I have three things on my menu called a mocha, I need you to be clear. Yet again, I can’t read your mind. I wish I could. But I can’t.

Also, get off the fucking phone. I’m in control of your coffee, the least you could do is be a little respectful. And you are the assholes who get mad when your order is wrong. And give me dirty looks for asking you questions like, what size drink do you want. Should I wait for you to get off the phone? Should I make the people in line wait behind you? I mean, shit, you been in line, you have had a chance to look at the menu, know what you want at least. I’m sorry, it isn’t tattooed on your forehead and I have a couple sizes to chose from. I’m sorry I have to ask you want you want. I am so sorry that you got in line because you wanted coffee and I have to get it for you. You don’t do this in a resaurant. Why the hell are you doing it here?

90% of the time, I love my job. I just have some days were I need to get this off my chest. I love coffee, I love serving it to people. I hate people who go on about how they had to get up at 8, when I have been up from 5 and haven’t been about to have coffee yet. I am serving you shit, I got up before you.

First sip of coffee….we have all been there.

That is it, for now. I will have another one some day. Maybe.


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