Funny Panel Friday

Oh look, He really loves Crowbars [Batman and Robin #11]

Yea, everyone lets you do your own things. Then clean up your messes. [Trinity #1, Trade]

Edit: The converstation that this panel sparked between my friend and I:

Crashunderrride says

so WW mostly follows along behind bruce eh?

Im sure none of that has anythign to do with her staring at his ass

Skadi Slamazon says

Well, he has a nice one? And she knows what she likes?

Dear god when did this get into a conversation about Superheroing pegging?

Pretty sure I scarred some people there.

Her Boots….you are going to talk about her Boots. Is this you coming out of the closet Batman? [Trinty #1 Trade]

Okay, just cool it on the coffee….we think you have had enought. [Batman Odyssey #1]


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