Here There be Dragons

I suppose I should talk about one of the comics I picked up last week, (Or Batman Inc that I have been putting off, but that was a meh, so I will just ignore it) but nothing called out to me.

So I went through my trades and decide the best way to start this week off with Wonder Woman beating up the JLA so she can fight a Dragon. Yea, she pulls a tower of Babel of her own, a la batman style. And she kicks everyone ass herself.

Welcome to League of One, By Christopher Moeller.

We all know I have a love for transformed Folklore, and League of One has a lot of it. We have nymphs, the oracle of Delphi, gnomes, dragons, and for the most part, it is knit together very well. There are very few things I have a problem with.

The story itself is a bit weak, the reason Diana gives for taking down the whole league before her dragon fight? Well, because the Oracle said that the dragon would kill everyone. And Diana decides that it is up to her to protect them herself.  I think she just wanted to get back at them for all the jokes about her costume and leering that they must have done at some point.

So yea, I really think the whole point to the story is to hit Batman with a Rock that says Batman, and showing, at the end of the day of how much a badass Diana is. So the story isn’t the best that I have ever read, but that isn’t the reason why I feel the trade is worth at least taking a look.

And that is simple.

The Artwork is motherfucking Beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen a comic like this. It doesn’t matter that the ending is kinda crappy, and that I feel there was a lot more Moller could have done with it. His art is fucking beautiful. I really want to stress that. So less words, more pretty.

I mean this is amazing. And the whole Comic is like this. [A League of One, trade]

The Dragon of Doom [A League of One, trade]


This is going to sound awful but when I was flipping through this trade these panels were the reason I bought it. The fact Wonder Woman beats up Batman with a Rock that says Batman was just to much for me. I laughed outloud. [A League of One, trade]

That is what he gets. For trying to stop her. [A League of One, trade]

I just love how the faces in this comic works because they have so much more expression than they do in most comics. [A League of One, trade]


So yea, the story isn’t the best, and the end just made me want to hit my head agaisnt the wall. But the art is amazing. And that is something about comics that I think shold be addressed. Sometimes it is the art work that can carry a story, rather than the story itself.  Moeller did a good job writing a script that matched his artwork That is a key to a lot of comics. The story has a lot of pit falls and while it isn’t the best comic I have read, it was still very enjoyable, and that was because Moeller took the time to make sure that the expressions were real. We can read the pain on Clark’s face because Diana has made him make a painful choice. (Honestly the story is really simple and easy to give a lot away if I go into it to much. So trying to keep it spoiler free here.)


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  1. I’m glad that someone posted about this comic. It’s not an all-time favorite or anything but I feel like it deserves a little more love than it gets, or at least a little more…more people should know it exists, if only for that artwork.

    That said I thought it was really interesting the way they interpreted Wonder Woman here. Not only did they find interesting ways to make her flawed but there seemed to be a theme of Wonder Woman as a force of truth that makes sense but I’ve never seen anywhere else.

    I don’t remember the ending you mentioned and I won’t ask you to spoil it in comments but for a story that clearly exists to pit Diana against the whole league and a dragon i think it did a pretty good job.

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