So Last Post got me thinking…

What becomes more important in a comic? The Art itself or the story?

This is where I get stuck thinking about Sam Keith’s work. His art….is weird for the most part. I often find myself not liking a lot of his artwork, because of the weirdness to it. But he always makes sure he using a script that is amazing. This one is from Batman’s, Through the Looking class…

Well, what do you expect Bruce? You ignore them! [Batman through the Looking Glass]

While I don’t thinks Keith Artwork is the most amazing thing ever he has a habit of either writing or finding scripts that fit his art style. This I think is what can make or break a comic. You have to make sure that the story and the art match, otherwise, they can fall apart.

So that is really it today. Now for an announcement.

August I go back to school, so starting next week I am going to do updates, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I can get a buffer going. There may be a few bonus blogs over this time, but I can’t keep up the schedule I do now and do school work. So that is that. See you Thursday!



  1. I also think its a case of Keith knowing to write or take scripts that work to his style of art. His art in the Lobo mini-series written by Anthrax’s Scott Ian is pretty sweet! Good luck with the school thing.

    • Thanks! I used to be really against Keith because I didn’t like his art work, but then my friend lent me Scratch by him and I fell in love.

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