Batman Earth One

So he is both a Wayne and Arkham? So he is Gotham in a nutshell.[Batman Earth One]

Okay, this is going to be a list because I really can’t think of any other way to address how much I enjoyed this. Or a list of the things I learned while reading Batman Earth One.

1)      Batman has not always been a graceful mother fucker.

Oh dear.[Batman Earth One]

2)      I may make jokes that Batman is a douchecanoe, but really, he does have a big heart. I think that is something that is easy to forget with his attitude. But when you think about it, he won’t do what he does unless he really does care about the people of Gotham’s welfare. It is easy to lose that in his sometimes shitty attitude.

Hey a Dick would have kicked her in the face.[Batman Earth One]

3)      It was nice to see that little Bruce was a complete and other pill. Doesn’t mean that he deverse to watch his parents die in front of him, but does make it hit harder than when he is the perfect child.

I mean, damn, I want to slap this kid. [Batman Earth One]

4)      Alfred is a badass. Don’t you ever doubt that fact.

Don’t fuck with the Godam Bulter.[Batman Earth One]

5)      Alfred and Bruce have a really kinda sweet relationship when you boil it down.

I think this is one of my favorite panels. Of all time. [Batman Earth One]

While the back boasted that I only thought I knew his story, I was spot on that his parents get gunned down when he was a child and he wants REVENGE! The Story is a lot more complex than that and I really can’t get into any more than that because it will give a lot of story.

Yea, Bruce’s parents are killed in Crime Alley, but it was because his father was running for mayor and it was a hit. The night Bruce meets Alfred the night his parents are killed, so they really don’t know each other from the start. That is a good way to explain why Alfred doesn’t just tell Bruce the whole batman thing is stupid and get his some therapy. That and Alfred is hurting from the loss of his friend, Thomas, to do much of anything to stop him. Hell, when he talks to the cops, he is asking about whom did it and wants to do what he needs to fix it.

Unlike Batman Year One, where Gordon was already a bit of a badass, he is a bit worn down from life in Gotham. It has taken his wife and he doesn’t want to see it take Barbara. It takes seeing Batman in action that makes him the badass we normal see him as. That was a nice touch.

Yet again, I can’t go too much into the story, which was perfect, so I will touch on the art a bit. I think one of the neater things I noticed is that it seems any scene with Men in it tends to be more on the dark and the gray side; while any scene with Barbara tends to be on the really bright and light side. She is younger than most of the men in the story, and I feel like this was done to show that it is people like her who are the future of Gotham and things are getting brighter.

Thou that last one I could be just pulling out of my ass.

Edit: I had to fix the wrong words I was using. As much fun as it is to think Bats has a shitty altitude…it is really his attitude I was talking about. Still funny.


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