Green Lantern Hour

Between the Alpha’s and the resurrection of Black Hand, the Green Lantern world has been dealing with some fun storylines. So much so I couldn’t decide what to talk about, so we will go with Green Lantern Corps because Guy is Irish and so am I.

Green Lantern Corps #11

The Alphas have a huge problem. How do you deal with a population of people who have super power weapons and don’t agree with you? Their idea was to lock them up, with their power rings still. And my god the Alpha are just stupid. They are supposed to be the moral authority but they really drop the ball when they can’t tell the difference between the real deal and freaking constructs. I mean, really? They were completely fucking green, how do you confuse that for the real things?

You couldn’t tell?

A Construct in the Green Lantern world has always been Green, and always easy to tell, for the reader at least, so when you have characters fall for it, you need to make it clear why. And I think it is really clear why the Alphas fell for it. Because they are stupid.

As a reader, I never thought the Alphas were a threat in the tale at all. They were like small children that were trying to ware daddy’s shoes and being the man of the house. I don’t understand why they were decide to have so much power from the Guardians, who also treat them like they are stupid.

So why are the stupid people running the asylum? And so poorly?

Dear God what is that thing?

I think it was a just a reason to bring back the man hunters. There, I said it.

Green Lantern #11

So Hal is the one back in control. This is going to be fun. And I’m still sure that Carol is going to come back in the story at some point. Last time we saw her she was grabbing her ring. I would love to see her save the day by kicking some ass. Because Carol is the shit. And you can quote me on that.

The question is are they setting up for another blackest night end game with the return of the Black Hand? I hope not. Because that would be very lazy story telling Geoff Johns, and you are better than that. I know. Earth One was awesome. Don’t start cheaping off on the months to do good trades. That shit ain’t cool.

It is always nice when the family gets together.

I did like the Black Hand sitting with his newly risen family. There was something about that’s funny, with just the conversation he is having so one sided, and the fact they are just staring at him while he eats.

That and Sinestro doesn’t like it when you talk about his ex-girlfriends in anyway.

So…you don’t like her much any more.


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