Funny Panel Friday

Being undead just gives you reasons to be an ass. [The Looker #1]

Superboy didn’t have a good plan for this one, did he? [Teen Titans #12]

Alfred should be used to this kinda thing. [Teen Titans #12]

Oh look, Mirana learned the number one rule, you have to piss off your father. [Batman Beyond # 7]




The Rocketeer #1

This was the first time I have ever read or seen the Rocketeer, and can I just say, for someone who has never seen this before, it was a joy to read. The story was great, the characters are great, the art is great. I have nothing to complain about.

This is how you write a crush

This is a really charming character. Sally’s crush on Cliff feels like what a real little girl would act like, (See Johns, this is how you write a crush, not just shoving people together because they have same color clothing and look good together.) and in the end, she is just causing trouble. I really like Sally, she is really charming.

And time for some sexy!

Cliff and Betty’s relationship feels real as well. It feels like the two are in love, and are trying to make it work. When Sally gives Betty crap for liking the Rocketeer, who Sally doesn’t know is Cliff, Betty gets pissed. She ends up dragging Cliff outside to yell at him.

This is a hero

Cliff, the rocketeer himself, is just well, charming. (I keep using that work, sorry) He is just trying to be a hero, and he does it well. He ends up finding out about Sally incident with Mr. Feeney and wants to go and beat him up. This is a good hero here folks!

I know this was a movie and I don’t know how the two compare, but the comic has been fun to read and worth looking into. The story hasn’t really picked up yet, the first issues was really more about the characters and their relationships.

This is on the short side, but what can I say, it is good, and I mostly complain about crap in my reviews. So….yea.

Batman Incorporated #3

I have had this one a lot longer than most people I imagine. My Comic Shop decided that the readers he had were mature enough to handle anything in the issue or they wouldn’t buy it. So we got it released on the day it was suppose too instead of last week. So this issue has been mulling around in my brain for a while now. And I got to say, it proves one thing.

It is easy to be the beat Batman, you just need really big tits to do it. And be easy on the eyes.

It’s almost annoying how easy it is to screw up the Batman by showing him a good rack and he just goes along with it. We saw it with Jezzebel Jet, who I think name alone should have sent him running. Name a woman he has dated and I bet you the tits were huge. Damn this post is really classly, isn’t it? Tits are always going to work, and he is always going to go for them. For whatever reason. It would be nice, just once, that Bruce stops and goes,  I bet Talia knows what I like in a woman, being as we dated, maybe, just maybe, she could have planned this. But I know Batman isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

So what does he do, follow a nice rack to only get a plastic bag pulled over his head for his efforts. Nice going Batman. Of course we know he is going to get out of this, he is Batman.

Damian yet again is fun, I really do love this kid. I feel like a member of a small group with that, but hey, I like him. And come on, this kid was screwed from the start, because Batman is the most loving parent he has. He is totally the adult to his father’s over grown child and this issue kind of proves it. He knows that Talia is trying to keep them apart, and Bruce acts like the kid has no idea what he is talking about. I love this relationship because it flip flops who is the adult and who is the child. More often than not, it feels Damian is the adult.

No scans on this one, because I am feeling lazy this morning and have been sick all weekend.

Bonus Blog-I am still on this bullshit.

I went through and found all the converastion between these two characters have had, plus another thing I think it is important. But lets look at this. I think this is the new 52’s countdown. Really.

First Converastion

Second Converastion-5 issuses later

I counted this one, even though she isn’t talking.

Fourth, and this one goes longer than two panels, but really, one of them is her kicking him in the face on a splash page.

Fiffth…though everyone is talking…

HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING  TO PUT THEM IN A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP AND IT NOT SEEMED FORCED? REALLY DC? They have only had five converastions, I know, because I FUCKING COUNTED!  I can’t wait to see the reconn they are going to do to fix this.

I want to think this is a mandate, because I don’t see a writer who is excited about what they are writing as “the new Status Quo”. And when you look at how the issues have been going, Johns, who tends to write more towards the characters and developement, have them far across the room. I would imagine they would be more dynamic than that.

Plus how the fuck does a relationship effect everyone around them? I’m in one, and my relationship effects only me. Villians and Heroes? You are fucking kidding me right? What, Lex marries Lois? I fucking doubt it.

The Reboot promised us new shit, and they have done this story line, alot, and to death.

I will admit I prefere Wonder Woman with Batman if you have to put her with someone, but really, I want her alone. I hope to god this doesn’t show in her stand alone, because I don’t think I could handle it.

And then there is this page, I think it is Johns’ out page. For when the Fan reaction isn’t what they want it to be.

The out?


I don’t think I’m going to do a funny panel friday tomorrow, I’m too pissed off.

Bonus Blog- Just A Question to DC

Hey, Guys, I have an important question.

I saw that you said that Wonder Woman and Superman are now going to be banging. To which I ask this;

Are they going to get personalities in that Canon then to now? Relationships between Characters again? A Dead father and a Dead lover are really turn ons for them? That is a turn off to me.

Really, you are pulling a Frank Fucking Miller. How well did All-Star Batman and Robin really do?

Think about this for two mintues please and realize thay you have laid no fucking ground work for anyones relationship in that comic to make anything Status fucking quo. And that Fans for the most part, enjoyed Lois and Clark together.

I will rant more about this when I see the damn comic, but I have a feeling I will stop picking up JLA. Reading the treatments for the next couple comics sounds like the Wonder Woman/Superman love hour and I don’t have the stomach for that. Because this already feels like a six year old is writing. And that bothers me that they would get paid for that. And if it shows up in the stand alones, I’m not sure what I would do.

Welcome to the Jungle-Rorschach #1

The Mask

Holy hell. I will say this now I’m mad Ozymandias gets six issues while Rorschach just gets four.  It’s more story driving, which I feel is more comic book like. Brian Azzarello is the writer on this, and you can tell because it is pretty much, this is Rorschach, now we are getting our story on. (He is also the writer on Wonder Woman) Just a quick aside: Which makes me in a weird position on the whole Wonder  Woman’s latest arc. Yes, it was story driven and we didn’t get a taste of what the rebooted her really looks like. But everyone please, quit acting like she is changed forever because really, unless she is eating babies and giggling about it, she is fine. Still Wonder Woman.  It is an okay way of doing things. You sometimes lose out on characterization, but sometimes that happens. I have a feeling it will get better. Give it time.

As I said with Ozymandias, he has a great narrative voice, while awesome, is really better as a book than a comic book. There are moments were that comic drags. A lot. There is nothing wrong with doing a full issue inside a character’s head, but when you base a series around it, it isn’t a way to grab readers. Or keep our attention.  I know what I like in comics, and that is a story that moves. Which Rorschach does that. It is pretty much a fun ride the whole time. Ozymandias is what I like in a novel, were you have more time to tell a tale.

Rorschach hits the ground running and pretty much as a great emotional tone the whole time. Rorschach is following a drug trail and ends up following the trail into the sewers and getting the shit kicked out of him. At the same time, there is a serial killer running around the city, killing women and carving them up. What I think will be a lot of fun to see where this story is going to end up going. Is Rorschach going to go after the Bard or not? I really like the idea of the Bard being a red herring and has nothing to do with Rorschach at all. Because that is how I would write it. But I think it would come to a head in the next couple issues.

The Man behind it.

Batwoman #12

So they put Wonder Woman and Batwoman together. AND IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME DAMNIT!

Damn, DC, are you reading my mind?

As I have been gushing like crazy, Batwoman has been really using a lot of folklore because they are awesome like that. Pulling Wonder Woman into this is just putting the best icing on a kick ass cake they have baking for a while with this series. Most of the issues is the two of them apart, with Kate knowing they are going to hook up, but Diana in the dark.

Well, she does kick ass.

Diana is just talking about herself and how she kicks ass. Wonder Woman is getting a little egoistical over the years here it seems. It made me giggle. I mean, why is she inner monologuing so hard while fighting a bunch of a cultist. I’m wondering if Diana is looking for Zola’s Baby because Hermes turns out to be a dick, just to tie in the story. And just to jump on that real quick, which was surprising and not; after all, Greek Gods didn’t do nice things, just like fairies. Diana shouldn’t have been so trusting.

Really, Snakes for hair is where you draw the line?

And saying that Medusa is just a head case? Really?  You realize you are standing right next smoking skeleton? Medusa is just too far for you?

Oh dear. Bonus thought, the running bar made me laugh.

Kate still looking for the kids, Maggie is trying to keep the parents from going ape. Which makes you wonder why people in Gotham don’t get mad that the cops seem to leave all big cases to a man in a Batman Suit; I feel like that should have gotten madder sooner. And we see the first fight between the two of them. And I called it was because of Batwoman. As I have said before, we as the reader has a stake in this relationship, and I really want to see Kate come clear on who she is.

I really can’t wait see Diana and Kate go around kicking ass. It is going to be great. Because there is no way I can see this getting fucked up.