Dark Knight #11-Bitch you have some narrative problems.

So, you broke up with him why? Why are you trying to fix it? You told him to fuck off in the last issue, or did you forget?

I think the biggest problem with Natalya is she is bland on a bland sandwich. Where did she come from? Where did they meet? Does she know he is Batman? Why are you trying to make me care about this character when she just appeared in the story; and not bothering to tell me a lick about her? And didn’t she dump him the last comic? Why did he bother showing up in her apartment? What about Jaina Hudson? She was an interesting, fun character. She can split herself for god’s sake, and had a great chemistry with Bruce from their interaction at the party. Is Jaina pretending to be Natalya? Is that what is going on here?

All we have seen Natalya do is play the piano and bitch. I don’t see why she is so freaking great. She is fucking annoying. Unless she gives amazing head and that is why Batman is keeping her around. The last thing he needs is someone who is nagging the shit out of him all the time. He has Alfred for that.

And the other problem is this character was just kinda thrown at us, and there is no ground work for their relationship. Mmmm, that is never good writing, and she comes off as a really whine Mary Sue of some kind.

And if she doesn’t know he is Batman, which I think is the case because she doesn’t understand why she has to take backseat. Mmm, Lady the Scarecrow is going around kidnapping kids and torturing them. Sorry you have to sit at home and instead of going to a bunch of fancy parties and shit. This is another way that Natalya comes off as a complete and utter bitch. Of course Bruce storming out her apartment after watching the news is going to give it away.

And if she does know…WELL WHEN THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN? AND WHY IS SHE BEING SUCH ASS ABOUT HIM BEING BATMAN. If you are dating Batman and know it, you know what you are getting into. I would say it would be like dating or being married to a cop, staying up late when they are on nights and worrying about if you are going to see them or are they coming home in a box. Especially in a place like Gotham were the crime is so thick in the air you can cut it with a butter knife.

I don’t like Natalya, at all. I feel like she is a pointless character that we have spent a little too much time on. There is nothing really special about her, aside from her being pretty fucking annoying. There is nothing they have done with her to make her relatable in any way.

Or maybe the point was to make her a cunt and I wasn’t supposed to like her in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, the White Rabbit got more screen time than Jaina, but the thing is they made her interesting, and made me want to learn more. Natalya could die in a fire and I could care less. Because she is padding, pointless, pointless padding with no fucking point or reason for existing. Jaina had a goddamn point for existing.


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