Service Job Hell- Not even Super Heroes can escape.

I just wanted to say, I’m sorry. I don’t have a blog written and I don’t think I am going too.

My father had heart surgey this morning, so my mind is on that.

And I don’t want to schedule slip, so I do have something for you.

Wonder Woman working at a Taco shop.

What, I don’t even. Who drinks coffee with their TACOS? [Wonder Woman #73]

Even in the DCU, The economy blows. [Wonder Woman #73]

And this is the last panel of it. [Wonder Woman #73]

And then she gets a job working for the police department, which is kinda lame. I would have loved to see her explain why she can’t come save the world, because she has a closing shift. Or why she showed up to battle smelling like Tacos. I imagne it would go something like this:

Superman: Is it just me, or do I smell tacos?

Wonder Woman: I….I have no idea what you are talking about.

Batman: You were always a bad liar.

Edit: I just wanted to say thanks for understanding, and being just all around awesome. I always wanted to say too, that I was wrong, she does go back to the taco stand two issues later, and we get this intresting moment.

I have never felt this way about my job, and I’m a Goddamn Barista! [Wonder Woman #75]



  1. Hope you and your dad are doing well. Best wishes. 🙂

    • Thanks! He is doing fine now but this is the third one this year and it is just as nerve racking every time.

  2. I hope your father will be well as soon as possible. I commented only one of your posts (we talked about Batwoman, Animal Man, Daria and so on), but I do admire your work, and the fact that you are going on doing it despite your personal problems.
    This comic was published in 93, but has that 80s atmosphere that really talks to my heart. I admit it, I’m an 80s nostalgic. At those times colour wasn’t digitally added, superheroes did not look like a bunch of body builders and they did not hold ridiculously oversized weapons. The stories were better as well – of course we can find something good and something bad in each era, but at those times there was more irony, more deepness, and, most of all, more hugely talented authors. Nowadays, even if you find an ironic author, he’s ironic in a Tarantino way, like Garth Ennis. And even if he/she is talented, he/she will never reach the level of authors like Frank Miller or Chris Claremont. Another thing I don’t like of 10s comics is their excessive violence: it’s ok if you put it in an adult series, like The Punisher, but you can’t put a cut off face in Detective Comics, because that page could be read by a 10 year old child. And that panel is the tip of the iceberg: only in the New 52 comics I read or glimpsed, I found a decapitated man (Voodoo # 7), a woman eating a man’s head (Voodoo # 5), 3 characters run through from one side to the other (Earth 2 # 1; Demon Knights # 8; Voodoo # 8) and a cut off hand (Batwoman # 7). And, of course, a lot of human blood in each one of this panels.
    And don’t tell me that writing “Teen +” is the solution: parents take for granted that superhero comics are perfectly suitable for children, since the superhero is supposed to be a model figure for them, no matter what the cover says. If you wrote “Teen +” on a bicycle, this wouldn’t stop parents from buying it for their children, and it’s the same for comic books.
    I’ve been reading mixed reviews of the New 52 Wonder Woman: for example, you can find a lot of negative comments about it on Weekly Comic Book Review and the same quantity of enthusiastic opinions on Retcon Punch, and this made me curious. I bought WW # 8, and I didn’t like it very much. When I wrote this on Retcon Punch, a reader replied me: “While we liked WW8, I think it’s mostly because we like the series as a whole. On it’s own, WW8 would be a frustrating, borderline-pointless read. WW has a lot of things going for it – self-contained stories isn’t one of them.” This makes me think that WW probably works better as a TP.

    • Thanks for all the support. My nets being shoddy and I just wanted to say my dad is fine, he got out of the hospital about 20 minutes ago.

      I think one of the problems with wonder woman is people remember when she was written really….and the fact is she has more often than not been written kinda shitty for a lot of the time. There are a few runs of her that I just want to beat my head against the wall.

      I honestly don’t mind the new run, despite the jokes. I think a large problem is it is different than what we have seen before, and people fear change. That and it is more Greek mythology heavy than it has in the past. Yea, her character has changed but I don’t feel it is that bad of a characterization than it has in the past. I could name a few worst ones.

      • Thank you for your reply! : )

      • Thanks for commenting! I wish I could read your blog but I don’t speak italin. (it is italin, right?)

  3. Yeah, it’s italian. I’m thinking about writing some posts in english, but probably they would come out as a wider version of the comments about comics I already wrote, so I don’t know…
    Also, as a commenter I can stop writing whenever I want, and nobody would care very much; on the contrary, as a blogger, my public would expect me to write something at least once a week, and, if I don’t, maybe they wouldn’t get furious, but they certainly would feel betrayed. When you write a blog, you must honour a commitment towards your public, and it’s a responsibility I’m afraid of. I’m thinking about it, but probably I won’t do it. I’ll be reading your next posts, anyway! : )

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