Before Watchmen Round up 2

So the next Two Series of Before Watchmen have showed up, Nite Owl  and Ozymandias, and are two issues in before I decide to tackle them. Opps.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about them before Rorschach is gonna hit the shelves this week, and we know all bets are going to be out the window when that comes out. I have need to talk about these for a while.

This comic is fun to look at.

So first up, Ozymandias. The art and narrative voice is freaking amazing. You really get a feel for Adrian, but really, there are moments were the narrative voice gets in the way of the action for me. Because Adrian doesn’t know when to shut up, for explain, there is at least two narrative boxes that cut into every panel. It feels that there are moments that would do well for Ozymandias was just quiet, so the moments were more powerful. His girlfriend ends up dying at the end of issue one, but he doesn’t even quiet down then. He talks a lot. It gets a little much at time, but if you are looking for a comic with a good narrative voice and art, this one is worth picking up. He has a few moments were you really get a sense that there is more to him that he himself doesn’t really get to see. Especially with the death of Miranda, despite all the talking he does about it.

This cover is so hot I am gonna say it twice.

And issue 2’s cover was hot.

There are worst way to get a job.

So on to Nite Owl, which is already half way through its run. Danny ends up Nite Owl because he stalked the old one. And almost gets shot for his efforts before he even gets started on his crime career. And we learn his father was an asshole. And it is really fun to watch him work with Rorschach before we get to see him in his own stand alone. This comic is fun, just because of how Nite Owl and Rorschach work together, they have almost a Batman and Superman feel when they talk to each other. You know what I mean, one is a bit of a Dick and the other one is full of hopeful ideas. Of course, we would never see Batman and Superman fall into a Bondage sex club, and if we did, it would prove that DC had finally lost it.

Your father is an ass.

Of course I would buy that comic. I bet it would be hilarious.

I think both are worth picking up, but if you have to choose, go with Nite Owl, that one is a lot more fun.


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