Batman Beyond

So I have an arc in Batman Beyond that I’m super excited about.

Shit is getting real


The quick run-down is this: Lex had a daughter no one knew about, is dead, but is using her to kill Superman; he broke up a meteor of kryponite and has put an asteroid belt around the planet of it. OH And Bruce is back in the Bat Suit.(I guess you can say he is back in Bat! Okay, I will got and sit in the corner for that joke.)

They can’t help it. It’s so pretty.

Does that no SCREAM Epic. Yea. It does. It sounds AWESOME!

And it did the spilt storytelling, so I have to wait to find out what happens.

I like how Batman Beyond tells a story. They break them up, and do a few pages of each out. Which is fine, most of the stories are really fun, and I have yet to find one that I can’t stand.  It is clear that time is taken to tell the story and that is important. Some of the other DC Comics have been having issues with that. But when they have an arc you really, really want to see how it plays out, the spilt story is just so annoying! Arg!

You probably won’t get better.

But back to the Falling Star arc they are doing. Superman has been looking for his place in the world, and how it his life has changed.  Before we saw Bruce brush Clark off, Terry is looking more and more like the leader to the Justice League every day; and Clark just feels he has nothing. Meteropolis has even gotten a police crew based off Superman’s powers, so they don’t need him either. And on some level he is right.

Do I think they are going to kill Superman? No. I think they are going to make him retire. Because there is really no reason for him to be around anymore, he is a bit of an old hat. And he has earned it.

Sorry about being late Clark, I had to come up with this oneliner! Do I sound like Bond?

What makes this exciting for me? I have a feeling that this is going to be the last time the original Batman and Superman are about to kick some serious ass. At least that is what they are leading up too.

The other stories in the issue are ones that have been carrying on for a while, but honestly, this one was just so much fun. There are a couple Jokes about Bruce having a fling with the new Queen of Apokolips. Because, you know, he has super Swagger like that.

This comic series has just been fun from the get go.



  1. The last panel is a clear tribute to “The Dark Knight Returns.”
    I agree, all the “digital first” DC comics is publishing are awesome. Also, I love stand alone stories, and Batman is perfect for them, so getting a bunch of stand alone stories focused on Batman (or his heir) each month is something very close to nirvana for me.
    Oh, I saw you commented a post on Ridiculously Awesome: I commented that post as well, so I hope you appreciate what I wrote! : )

    • I don’t like much of digital anything, mostly because I like something in my hands. Which is why I have a kindle I don’t really use. Plus I get eye strain real easy with that kinda of stuff. This was one from a week or two ago, I can’t remember, I just now got around to it. This is the unlimited run that is six issues in. But yea, it was totally a shot out.
      I am loving the Batman Beyond comics because there seems to be a lot more care to the stories because they have to work so hard to sell them.

      • Exactly. And I don’t like the concept of digital comic or book as well: in fact, I always wait for the paper version of the “digital first” DC comics. When I turn the page, I want to do it touching the paper with my fingers, and not just pushing a button or moving the mouse. Also, when I want to read a comic, I want to check for it looking at my shelves, and not just typing its title. Each time I talked about it with other readers, they always told me that only in Europe people are so nostalgic and conservative: in America, where people are much more open to new things, e-book is already replacing the classic paper book. I heard this statement from people who don’t even know each other, so probably there’s something true, but it seems that even in America there are some “old school” readers. And I love it! : )

      • Hey Wwayne, your last comment got stuck in the spam comments and I deteled it like an idiot. Could you repost it, I wanted to see what the link you posted was about.

  2. http://www-harveyawards-org/2012/09/09/congratulations-to-the-harvey-award-recipients/.
    I replaced the points with some dashes: maybe in this way your site won’t “think” my comment is a spam. : )

    • thanks! It was one of those, I saw it was you and then hit etmpy spam, and was like NOOOOOO!!!!

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