Batwoman #12

So they put Wonder Woman and Batwoman together. AND IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME DAMNIT!

Damn, DC, are you reading my mind?

As I have been gushing like crazy, Batwoman has been really using a lot of folklore because they are awesome like that. Pulling Wonder Woman into this is just putting the best icing on a kick ass cake they have baking for a while with this series. Most of the issues is the two of them apart, with Kate knowing they are going to hook up, but Diana in the dark.

Well, she does kick ass.

Diana is just talking about herself and how she kicks ass. Wonder Woman is getting a little egoistical over the years here it seems. It made me giggle. I mean, why is she inner monologuing so hard while fighting a bunch of a cultist. I’m wondering if Diana is looking for Zola’s Baby because Hermes turns out to be a dick, just to tie in the story. And just to jump on that real quick, which was surprising and not; after all, Greek Gods didn’t do nice things, just like fairies. Diana shouldn’t have been so trusting.

Really, Snakes for hair is where you draw the line?

And saying that Medusa is just a head case? Really?  You realize you are standing right next smoking skeleton? Medusa is just too far for you?

Oh dear. Bonus thought, the running bar made me laugh.

Kate still looking for the kids, Maggie is trying to keep the parents from going ape. Which makes you wonder why people in Gotham don’t get mad that the cops seem to leave all big cases to a man in a Batman Suit; I feel like that should have gotten madder sooner. And we see the first fight between the two of them. And I called it was because of Batwoman. As I have said before, we as the reader has a stake in this relationship, and I really want to see Kate come clear on who she is.

I really can’t wait see Diana and Kate go around kicking ass. It is going to be great. Because there is no way I can see this getting fucked up.


  1. Just FYI, Mr. Bones technically isn’t a talking skeleton. He just has transparent skin. Or at least he did pre-Flashpoint. 🙂

    He’s also apparently African-American, though god knows if anyone at DC knows or ever remembers that. 😛

    • OHHH! That makes more sense than him being a talking skeleton. But still, clearly she sees freaky things all the time, and doesn’t make sense for her to dismiss it.

      • I think you misunderstand: I’m not dismissing the ridiculousness of the situation, I’m just here to amuse and provide background information. 🙂 Not that Mr. Bones old origin is any less insane anyway. He and his adoptive brothers and sisters were all the results of an unethical experiment conducted by on their mothers by their shared insane gynecologist, Dr. Love.

        Yes, seriously.

        Take note of whom the young Mr. Bones is dressed like. 😉

      • Oh I didn’t think you were. And Charlie Brown? Who would be snoopy? I had no idea who he was and was kinda lazy on looking him up.

        And what about his organs?

        But really? I….I… DC just made my brain hurt.

      • My guess would be that Kritter’s Snoopy and Penny Dreadful’s the mysterious, unnamed red-headed girl that Charlie likes so much. 😀

        As for his organs…his tissues are completely transparent so they’re invisible as well. At least he was originally drawn with something resembling eyeballs so that it made sense that he could see. I mean, if a person really were completely transparent, they’d be blind since light would pass right through their eyes. 😛

        And don’t worry about it too much. As I said, this was pre-Flashpoint. God knows what his origin story is nowadays. ^_^;

      • I mean, damn, he needs a martini and he would the Social Distortion skeleton. Oh, and a top hat.
        I feel like they have wrapped Batwoman around so much folklore which is awesome I wish they had done it with this character too.

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