Bonus Blog-I am still on this bullshit.

I went through and found all the converastion between these two characters have had, plus another thing I think it is important. But lets look at this. I think this is the new 52’s countdown. Really.

First Converastion

Second Converastion-5 issuses later

I counted this one, even though she isn’t talking.

Fourth, and this one goes longer than two panels, but really, one of them is her kicking him in the face on a splash page.

Fiffth…though everyone is talking…

HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING  TO PUT THEM IN A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP AND IT NOT SEEMED FORCED? REALLY DC? They have only had five converastions, I know, because I FUCKING COUNTED!  I can’t wait to see the reconn they are going to do to fix this.

I want to think this is a mandate, because I don’t see a writer who is excited about what they are writing as “the new Status Quo”. And when you look at how the issues have been going, Johns, who tends to write more towards the characters and developement, have them far across the room. I would imagine they would be more dynamic than that.

Plus how the fuck does a relationship effect everyone around them? I’m in one, and my relationship effects only me. Villians and Heroes? You are fucking kidding me right? What, Lex marries Lois? I fucking doubt it.

The Reboot promised us new shit, and they have done this story line, alot, and to death.

I will admit I prefere Wonder Woman with Batman if you have to put her with someone, but really, I want her alone. I hope to god this doesn’t show in her stand alone, because I don’t think I could handle it.

And then there is this page, I think it is Johns’ out page. For when the Fan reaction isn’t what they want it to be.

The out?


I don’t think I’m going to do a funny panel friday tomorrow, I’m too pissed off.



  1. Stop using logic, woman. The New 52 has no place for logic. 😛

    (Or women, either, based on some stuff they’ve been doing, but that’s another matter entirely.)

    This just smells like an awful attention-grabbing attempt to me. They need a fresh wave of controversy to keep things going now that the reboot shine has worn off a bit.

    • Lol, This has driven me batshit really. I don’t mind the couple if you lay the ground work down. It is sad but I am hoping they are going to end up pulling a freaking Alan scott with this and it ends up being another universes or someone’s fever dream. I don’t see how they can make the relationship last that long. And I know you aren’t a big fan of Johns, but this really doesn’t feel like his writing style at all. And I know they are having a lot of problems, with keeping writers. Like Morrison is leaving, which bums me out, I like his batman stuff. But really, they have done this shit so many times and it didn’t work then and isn’t going to work now. I don;t see how. Unless the writting gets good.

    • I mean, this is going to be shoehooked in with about as much sutbitly as the Joker introducing Jason Todd to his crowbar. Which smells to me like a mandate, which from what I have seen, Fans are pissed. And shit, all they had to do is go over to fan, and look in the Justice League section to see that the fan prefered couple is Batman and Wonder Woman. By a large margin really.

      • Actually, I used to be a pretty big fan of Geoff Johns until “The Flash: Rebirth” came along. That was the first time I’d read something he’d written where I literally went “What the hell is this crap?” and proved to be extremely disillusioning, especially considering how much I enjoyed his work on “JSA”.

      • I want it to be a mandate. I want it to be short lived. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth, that they couldn’t let it happen natural, but had to slam it together. They have had five converastion that have lasted a fucking panel. How are they going to slam them together in one issue? I feel like this is something he doesn’t want to write. I am hoping that is the case.

  2. WHEW! What a ride. Of course, the book isn’t out yet, who knows what the cover implies and the longevity of it all. I think we all need to sit back and realize that, as Jimmy Palmiotti continually says, “It’s comics, just go with it,”

    This genre is an ever changing medium. We can’t count on both hands and both feet how many times comics change things, and we get pissed off about it, and then let things be. This is the way comics work. Let’s wait to see how it all turns out.

    • I pretty much have decided to drop JLA to be honest. To tell the truth, if they were going to bother to give the characters personality and try, I would be interested. But I don’t feel they are going to. But it is alright, I have the old canon to keep me warm at night. If they wanted to do a romance between Supes and Wondy that would be find if they did it with some subtly and subtext. But really, the panels I pulled out, are every interaction they have had so far. How are they going to do this were it doesn’t seemed forced? The truth is, they can’t. There is no way. It is just annoying because we were promised new crap and this is the same thing they have pulled a bunch of freaking times. How many times are they going to put Superman and Wonder Woman together and it not work? It seems pretty pointless to me. Hey, the only time it was good was the Red Son and Kingdom Come because the relationship developed naturally.
      Plus if they really didn’t want Supes with Lois, why is she even in the new canon?

    • And I suppose you are right, being that Superman’s death in 96 was suppose to be the new status quo and that lasted what, 4, 5 issues?

      • If you’re referring to Superman’s death at Doomsday’s hand in 92 or 93…I think that lasted around six months, at least.

      • Yea, that was suppose to be perement. I feel this is such lazy and the series has been that way for a while now. As i said, as long as it doesn’t show up in her stand one I will be a happy camper. It is stupid anyways and we all know it.

      • I don’t think it was ever meant to be permanent. As the story goes, every time they’d previously been stuck when it came to new storylines, someone would yell out, “Kill him!” as a joke. And then, when they were REALLY stuck one day, they then asked, “Okay, then what?”

      • shrug. I don’t know.

      • Same here. Just saying what I heard. ^_^;

        I saw Dan DiDio today. I had to resist the urge to punch him in the face or tell how much I think the New 52 sucks to his face. 😛

      • Well I was reading that they wanted to put superman in a love triangle. And looks like that is what they are doing, and half assed at that. Oh well, I wasn’t a big fan of the new Diana anyways. Call me when Witty, fun, and intelligent Diana shows back up.

  3. After all the news about Batman’s death and rebirth, then the reboot, and then Alan Scott coming out of the closet, it seems that DC is just desperate for one more ‘shocker’ to become relevant in the media again. *sigh* Too bad they don’t bother writing it well, much less making it plausible in the first place (I had no idea they’ve had only five conversations so far. That’s laughably stupid). When will DC learn that giving the middle finger to their fans while trying to rope in new ones doesn’t exactly work?

    I totally agree with you too, Diana and Bruce are so much better as a couple. Loved them ever since watching the Justice League series.

    • I mean, really, this is the sexy fliritation they have been having. And I am not even sure if the one she is unconsious should count. I just keep reminding myself that I have the old canon to keep me warm. Hopefully fan reaction will kill this. Random samplings have been, this is a stupid stunt. And I am having faith in the fan base power. When the sales drop (And they were, this was to grab readers again) they will kill this. Hell, next year they have a superman movie coming out with Lois as the romantic intrest. Like WB is not going to make them bring them together.
      Plus, there is something about seeing someone that makes you rub off on the other person. I would love to see a little bit darker Wonder Woman and a little bit bushy tail Batman. It asumes me.

  4. The reboot is for the most part a train wreck. And what they’ve done to characters like Superman and (especially) Wonder Woman is simply pathetic. It’s hard for me to understand how anyone who claims to be a fan these characters or the DCU can like the way these amazing characters have been reduced to shadows of their former selves.

    • Well it is still young. Things could change. Plus we still have the old canon. It would just have been nice to see them try and do something new. And honestly, they probably shot themselves in the foot enought times to piss off all the old fans, who are the ones who are mostly buying the reboot. Maybe DC doesn;t realize that. I am not sure if I can call myself an old fan or not, simplely because I didn’t start picking up the monthlys until the reboot, living off trades before. I was one of the new readers they grabbed, and honestly, seeing how many writers and artist are leaving, I think there is a lot of trouble in the House of DC. And This is going to be shortlived, hopefully. Mostly because half the writers aren’t on board and seeing fan reaction mostly falls into my reaction to it. So it won’t live long. Plus the reason this relationship worked in Kingdom Come is because Diana gives Clark his humanity back after Lois’s death. But that is beside the point I think.

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