Bonus Blog- Just A Question to DC

Hey, Guys, I have an important question.

I saw that you said that Wonder Woman and Superman are now going to be banging. To which I ask this;

Are they going to get personalities in that Canon then to now? Relationships between Characters again? A Dead father and a Dead lover are really turn ons for them? That is a turn off to me.

Really, you are pulling a Frank Fucking Miller. How well did All-Star Batman and Robin really do?

Think about this for two mintues please and realize thay you have laid no fucking ground work for anyones relationship in that comic to make anything Status fucking quo. And that Fans for the most part, enjoyed Lois and Clark together.

I will rant more about this when I see the damn comic, but I have a feeling I will stop picking up JLA. Reading the treatments for the next couple comics sounds like the Wonder Woman/Superman love hour and I don’t have the stomach for that. Because this already feels like a six year old is writing. And that bothers me that they would get paid for that. And if it shows up in the stand alones, I’m not sure what I would do.


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