Batman Incorporated #3

I have had this one a lot longer than most people I imagine. My Comic Shop decided that the readers he had were mature enough to handle anything in the issue or they wouldn’t buy it. So we got it released on the day it was suppose too instead of last week. So this issue has been mulling around in my brain for a while now. And I got to say, it proves one thing.

It is easy to be the beat Batman, you just need really big tits to do it. And be easy on the eyes.

It’s almost annoying how easy it is to screw up the Batman by showing him a good rack and he just goes along with it. We saw it with Jezzebel Jet, who I think name alone should have sent him running. Name a woman he has dated and I bet you the tits were huge. Damn this post is really classly, isn’t it? Tits are always going to work, and he is always going to go for them. For whatever reason. It would be nice, just once, that Bruce stops and goes,  I bet Talia knows what I like in a woman, being as we dated, maybe, just maybe, she could have planned this. But I know Batman isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.

So what does he do, follow a nice rack to only get a plastic bag pulled over his head for his efforts. Nice going Batman. Of course we know he is going to get out of this, he is Batman.

Damian yet again is fun, I really do love this kid. I feel like a member of a small group with that, but hey, I like him. And come on, this kid was screwed from the start, because Batman is the most loving parent he has. He is totally the adult to his father’s over grown child and this issue kind of proves it. He knows that Talia is trying to keep them apart, and Bruce acts like the kid has no idea what he is talking about. I love this relationship because it flip flops who is the adult and who is the child. More often than not, it feels Damian is the adult.

No scans on this one, because I am feeling lazy this morning and have been sick all weekend.


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