JLI and Superman and Wonder Woman

There it comes.

Okay, I promise this is the last time I talk about Supes and Wondy being in the worlds stupidest fucking relationship.

First off, I did read Justice League #12. I guess Diana loves you Steve, until you open your mouth and share your opinions on stuff. Then that means she needs to act like a bitch and go make out with Superman. That whole scene was just, we need to shit on a relationship that you ever saw to make sure you don’t like it. So we can make Superman and Wonder Woman work.  So I guess the new goal is to make them unlikeable. And it is working. Superman and Wonder Woman are becoming more unlikeable by the minute.

Second all, Clark was acting all depressed because Lois won’t pick Clark Kent first, mind you he hasn’t put himself out there, but she should be able to read his mind right? So the first time he tells Diana about Clark Kent they make out. I want to point out one thing. Diana doesn’t know Kent at all. So she picked Superman too. So that won’t be a problem because they are perfect together? Really? Really? This is the first conversation they have ever had that lasted longer than a fucking panel. And it ends with them making out and in a relationship. Look, a make out doesn’t mean shit.

Third off, the conversation that puts them together…just sucks. There is no chemistry, the timing is all weird and I swear I was expecting them to start sharing a razor because of how depressed they both sound. I felt like it was going to end with them cutting like two teenage girls. Not making out.

But we haven’t even gotten to the two main problems I have with this.

Fourth off, What happened to the confident fun, witty Wonder Woman we once had? Why doesn’t she do what she always does when problems come her way? She stands up and gets ready for a fight. She is an amazon, why is she running to a man for her fucking problems? She is lonely, I guess but she doesn’t seem like that in her stand alone. It’s hard for me as a fan of her to understand what happened to that. I don’t understand why she would even need a man for comfort. She is fucking Wonder Woman. She used to kick ass and take names. She was a character that I looked up to. Someone who if she was a real person, she would have qualities that all women should have. I found her in a low point in my life, during Gail Simone’s run. Part of me wants to say that run of comics keep me going. I saw worth in that character and her willingness to keep going. It help me find that in myself and keep going. Now I feel stupid that I ever liked her in the first place. DC thinks she is just something for Superman to plow, and I should too I guess. It seems like a waste of a good character. She was able to take on any problem and now she needs to run to someone’s arms first. This doesn’t feel like a moment of weakness, this feels like her new behavior. What happened to the woman who was willing to fight to win even if it meant her own death? I guess those days are over.  She is a woman in the DC Universe, and they are only sex objects now. Which needs to change. AND being that men mostly buy comics, it is up to them to decide if they want strong women or not.

Have to get rid of all the good ones. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE RELATIONSHIP!

Fifth, this stupid fucking relationship has to erase the good ones. Yes, I made jokes that Booster Gold and Godvia were going to go at it like rabbits, but there was honest to god chemistry there. It was a fun relationship that we saw coming but knew it was going to be fun. It wasn’t announced that it was coming; it was stuck in with subtext and subtly. They had to announce this relationship because no reader saw it coming. Now Booster Gold doesn’t exist anymore because Superman and Wonder Woman made out. Hell, the whole universe was rebooted so they could make this happen, so we lost Lois and Clark as well. Who is next? Guy and Tora? Hal and Carol? Oh, well Hal is dead again, so shit, I guess they got that one too. The fact is it shouldn’t be that way.

Sixth, I have a feeling, if this had been written well, it could have worked. But it wasn’t. The whole series has been just, kinda bad. I have read fan fictions that were better. How do we expect them to get better if we keep buying it? This is the first comic series that I have dropped. Issue 12 was a disappointment, and not just because of the relationship. The whole series was just like, I have no clue what the relationships between these characters. Do they like each other? Do they hate each other? NO FUCKING IDEA! Well, I guess now it is safe to say Superman is plowing Wonder Woman, because she doesn’t have that champion of Anthea things anymore. Their need to push this new relationship on us is just annoying, and trying to cut out the 74 years of Clark and Lois is just upsetting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like her, Lois was a large part of the Superman Mythos, and you can’t just put your head in the sand and ignore it. She needs to at least be respected and DC just keeps acting like they change reality because it suits them.



  1. I actually welcome your complaints. Just proves that it’s not just the old codgers like me who think DC’s going down the wrong path. 🙂

    • I have been looking around, and there are a lot of people pissed about this. I’m gald I’m not the only one. I feel like I am on the winning pissed off side. I just don’t know what that means yet. This isn’t just about Lois and Clark and Diana. It is about the readers as well.
      I want to say I am not agaisnt the relationship as a whole, It can be well done. I think in both, Kingdom Come and Red Son it worked really well, and had point. Add to the story. That is the point to putting characters in a relationship. But to me, this has no point, other than, we are going to appeal the readers from 20 years ago who don’t want this any more. And the voices in our heads who said this is good idea.
      Linkar said it best. Putting Superman and Wonder Woman together is lazy writing.
      But this wasn’t well done. This was just, two emo teenage talking about how cutting makes them feel good. I just hope it doesn’t show up in her stand alone, and is short lived, 7 to 8 issues at the most. Because anything more is just insulting to the reader.
      I know shippers of these to are happy to, but I don’t understand why, the two are only Superman and Wonder Woman in name only. I mean, I am a Batman/Wonder Woman Shipper and I would be pissed if this is how they put them together. There are no chemistery and it felt like they are trying to make Diana Lois. Lois Lane is great. Diana is great. But they are great for different reasons. And for me, Lois made Superman read able for me. Because there was something so fun with Lois being the one in power in the relationship.
      To me, Diana has to lose everything that makes her Wonder Woman to be in a relationship with Clark, if they are going to have something like Lois, aside from her powers. He gets to lose nothing. That is fucked up.

      Why the fuck did Booster Gold disappear because Superman and Wonder Woman made out? MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!

      • That I can answer! Booster Gold’s from a future where Superman and Wonder Woman never became a couple. Apparently, their relationship has produced an alternate timeline in which he doesn’t exist, so he was erased from existence.

      • Unless he is related to one of them, that still makes no sense.

      • It’s the butterfly effect. Whatever their relationship does so massively alters the future of the DC Universe that the probability that Booster Gold will be born becomes zero. Maybe it destroys humanity completely. Maybe it prevents the near future apocalypse that nearly eradicates mankind and gives rise to Booster Gold’s future. We don’t know.

      • THAT IS SO FUCKING STUPID. I am sorry, but that….is so mother fucking stupid I can’t stand it.

        Can we drop the relationship and get Booster Gold back please?

      • THAT IS SO FUCKING STUPID. I am sorry, but that….is so mother fucking stupid I can’t stand it.

        Can we drop the relationship and get Booster Gold back please?

        Hopefully Batman will figure it out and fix the stupid story line. Or will himself into existance and punch the writer.

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