Batman Live and a few other things


So I’m super excited to see Batman Live tomorrow! It will be fun to see how great how well a group of British do Batman. Okay, that was awkward sentence. So I really don’t have much of a blog post that I can think of right now. Just that I get to see Batman live and that it is going to be awesome no matter what. The only down side is that it doesn’t have the bat beard.  But that is okay, I will let you all know how it goes.

Some things can’t be perfect. And No, I will never get over this panel. So get used to it and hail the Bat Beard.


It’s going to be amazing.I mean, look at the damn Batmoblie.

And the last thing I wanted to say, is I noticed that the search for Wonder Woman and Superman have brought a lot of people to my blog. And it weird me out, because I’m not sure what it means. I’m in process of writing a pretty long blog post comparing the New 52 Justice League to Kingdom Come, the only time where the relationship, in my opinion worked. It should be up monday, so those people searching this, are welcome to come back and read that. I would love to hear some opinions on it. But I will say this, I feel that they had to take away what made both Diana and Clark special to make this happen. The two of them in Justice League, for the most part, come off as weird forms of Batman, which I will get into more later. And that this is all for Superman, it is obvious if you look at the way it has been promoted. It is Superman getting a new Leading Lady, she is his sexy side; A woman whom we have seen in the old cannon kick ass and take names all on her own.  And Before someone jumps down my throat and says that Good Morning American said that she was the sexy sidekick, and a homewercker, that is a video that DC posted on their facebook page. Like they were proud of the fact that someone called the most powerful female character a sidekick. Which is funny, because every fight that I have ever seen of Batman and Superman, Batman wins. Every fight Wonder Woman and Batman has is always a two hit one. She hits him, he hits the floor. Superman can’t beat Batman, but Wonder Woman can. But what do I know, she is his sexy side kick.

This also duck tails into something else for me, 40 years ago, Wonder Woman graced the cover of one of the first feminist magazines, Ms. Magazine. I have begun to wonder if the new 52 Wonder Woman has any of those qualities that had her grace the cover in the first place. I also find myself wanting to point people to this article about Diana, found here. Diana was written for women, for young girls because there was no strong female characters for girls to look up to. Right now, she is being written for men, she is a sex object, she is just Superman’s girlfriend. They have made her powerless. But I will get more into this later.

I am starting to think I need to make a bullshit tag.


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