OMG Batman Live was amazing! It is worth seeing if you can, honestly. There are a few moments were I started laughing when I shouldn’t have. Like when Bruce was explaining to Dick what happened to his parents and when he said Zorro he rolled the r’s so hard that it sounded like he was stroking out  in the middle of the word. Or when you are rooting for the death of the Graysons and it takes a while for them to fall, then you just feel like an ass. And there are a few moments were it is like, fucking really, because they have to shove every reference they can for what ever reason. My favorite was in the span of five mintues, Bruce pretty repetes the pharse, The night my parents were murder, we saw the Mask of Zorro. Oh, and Robin gets the name from Robin Hood, not the nick name his mother gave him. That kinda bugged me because they bother to metion Julie Madison. Anyways, totally worth seeing. And Alfred proved he was more liked than anything else, because when he came on stage for the first time, he got more cheers, than the freaking Batmoble or The Goddamn Batman himself. I will do a more indepth blog post about it when I get over the freaking awesomeness that it was.

Yup, Nothing promotes Father and son togetherness like getting your nuts frozen in Russia.


Oh you are having to much fun with this.


Oh Remy.

OH Carol how I love you.






  1. How is this the first time I am hearing of Batman Live?

    • I unno, but it is freaking amazing!

      • my kid would love it.

        4 years old and his life is superheroes. runs around dressed in halloween costumes most days. never leaves the house without a superhero T. never even pushed it on him, started with the fisher price DC imaginex and the playschool super hero squad toys and the cartoons

      • They have a website, it is just called Batman Live.

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