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My open Letter to Grant Morrison

Dear Grant Morrison,

Why, Why must you toy with my emotions? You got me to love Damian, and I mean love him to pieces, and now you are going to rip him away from me? Why are you doing this to me? I have song you praise, and yes, why it was I who made jokes about the Return of Bruce Wayne and it’s hatred of science, I still liked it. I love your stories, and you need to do canon porn to get off. (Which, with how much you have done, I’m sure is the only way you can get off.)

Why, why are you ripping Damian away from the only parent who gave two shits about him? Why are you ripping apart the only parent who really loves him to live with some bitch who tried to kill him? What is going to stop her from finishing the job?

Why do you hate me Mr. Morrison,  Why? What did I do to upset you?

Love, Skadi.

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed my little open letter to Grant Morrison there. I know most fans hate Damian, for whatever reason, but I really do love the shit out of that kid. And Batman Inc just made me want to cry. Maybe because I grew up with a broken home, and I know what it feels like to be shuffled from house to house, having to be ripped from the one parent that gave a shit about you, to a house were a woman actively toured me. (For the record, it was my mother who gave a shit about me, my dad couldn’t be bothered. In fact, he would sit there and watch his wife abuse the shit out of me. But this is about comic books, so let’s keep this shit light. After all, the blog isn’t about me.)  Which I think is a testament for a second of how great a writer Morrison is. I’m 24, and the last time I was forced to go over to my dad’s, I was 12. He was able to make me feel small and helpless again, which hasn’t happened in over a decade, IN JUST THROUGH TWO FUCKING PAGES! HAVE HIM WRITE JUSTICE LEAGUE DC, I COULD BUY THAT BULLSHIT YOU CALL A RELATIONSHIP THEN! Oh wait, he is leaving to write for fucking Image.

But as a fan, I wanted to things to be different. I need things to be different. But there would have only one other way this could have ended, and that was with Talia being killed. That wouldn’t have worked either, as it would have to have been someone on Batman’s side to do it. So I don’t know. Maybe things will be different, that this isn’t the end, even thou Bruce is saying it is.

I have a hard time seeing that the end of Batman is him being arrested. That just seems to, well, lame of an ending for a character like him.

But what is great about this series, aside from most of the bullshit coming out of DC, I don’t know how the story is gonna go, and I want to, painfully so. I want Damian and Bruce together, because that is what needs to happen. But I don’t know if it will or not.



Batman would like you to know he is his priorites straight. [Batman INC #4]

Wonder Woman learns that no matter what you do or say, some people just don’t listien. [AME-COMI Girls #1]

Catwoman always does things with a flair. [Batman Arkham Unhinged #7]

Now you see how things work here, Diana. [AME-COMI Girls #1]



Still Sick

So I’m still sick but FEAR NOT! I have a little bit of a rant today!

So let’s start with BATMAN! Well, not Batman per se, But his father Thomas Wayne.

The Waynes have always been an odd element to the Batman Mythos to me, because we never really see them at all. And I’m sorry, but you really can’t trust what Bruce tells us about them, because he was ten when they died and his isn’t the sanest person on this planet. He tells us that they were really loving and wonderful people. But really, I have a hard time buying that. I could see what he has told us story about his mother, but his father is a little absent.

When I got ahold of BATMAN RIP, They had stories circling that Thomas was boozing, druging, and whoring it up with a lot of women. I liked this idea because it gave him a little color. Was Martha just a long suffering wife in all of this? I like this idea. Bruce would have no idea of the basic workings of his parent’s marriage, so this is a possible.

I don’t know why, But I want Thomas Wayne to be an abusive bastard. I can’t explain it.

I hoped this makes sense, I am gonna go back to sleep.

Super Sick

If I was a superhero I would be one that covered their villians in snot and would leave tissuse all around the city. In other words, I’m pretty sure after I finish this, I am going to roll over and sleep until tomorrow.

So short silly blog today. First something fun from my spam file. Remember that post I made about Batman live? This one. Yea, This was in the spam file linked to it. It seems like leget comment….from a company that sells Gold and Sliver interest….:

Wonder Woman: Before his defeat at the hands of the original Wonder Woman, Ares vowed to send a champion that would destroy Themyscira. In response to this threat, Zeus, King of the Gods, sought out a woman of noble heart that would mother the champion of the gods. He came across a kind-hearted archeologist named Helena Sandsmark and blessed her with a child that was gifted with the powers of the Greek Gods. This child would eventually become known as Cassandra. Though her mother was generous in nature, Cassandra was, in her words, “a spoiled brat”, often taking advantage of her looks and mother’s wealth. But during a cruise in the Atlantic, Cassandra and the ship were attack by a warrior named Genocide, who claimed to be the champion of Ares.

I have no clue what to make of it.

Also I am planning about doing a full write up on Batman Live at some point, but my friend has been a jerk and hasn’t uploaded the pictures from it.

And the weirdest thing I have ever seen in a kid’s show. That is Batman, and Wonder Woman is the pig. Yes, she is the pig and he is rubbing her under belly. … Well, I will be in my bunk now.

Scanner Still a Dick

Scanner still being a dick, so no funny panel Friday. Hopefully I will get it fixed tomorrow. So here is some video my friend sent me a while again. See ya Monday.


Can I talk about capes for two seconds?

I want to talk fashion today, and as a girl, I can and will totally do that. And I’m feeling a little silly, so this isn’t gonna be that much. So let’s get started.

Okay, a lot of superheroes wear capes. Thor, Superman, Batman and Robin to name to a few; hell, even Wonder Woman has sported one every now and then.  It’s the fashion statement of the super powerful, of the great avengers, a quick way to identify a hero some times. Capes are the one piece of clothing that the Villains don’t really touch.

But really, they are just a good way to get you killed. I want to call them Villain Helpers. I mean, it can get sucked into things, like a jet engine, your day is fucked. Unless you are Superman, because let’s face it, he would fuck up the jet engine. Which if it was in the air, he would just destroy it. (And being that he flies around at the same height as Jets, it could happen.) So now he would he have to save the people on the plane he just destroyed.

Or Batman running around on the roof tops of Gotham, there are a lot of things that he could caught on. While I think that they won’t ended the Dark Knight with him choking himself, but really, it is a possibility. I mean, there he is chasing down a criminal and the damn cape gets caught on something.

Robin doesn’t have as much of a problem, being that he has a half cape.

But still I don’t understand what the deal with capes.