I still have my project that needs to be finished, but Updates should be back to normal come Wednesday, but I don’t want to let you leave etmpy hand. I give you one of my great finds on the internet, I call it Fiffty Shades of BATMAN!

Yes. That is a line from 50 Shades of Grey.

As is this one….


And this one is the background on my computer, currently.


Where did I find these? From a girl who reads terrorible things. Here is her blog, check her out.





  1. I’m sorry that I’m just kind of roving through your old blog posts making short useless comments. I told myself that I was going to stop and try to wait until I had something interesting to say. And then…50 Shades of Batman, featuring new reason to be deeply concerned about the bestseller list.

    That being said, I kind of really want to see a note on Bruce Wayne’s personal stationery that simply reads:

    “I owe you an orgasm.

    – Batman”

    You know, because Batman’s classy like that.

    • Now I must obtain ‘From the Desk of Bruce Wayne’ stationary or paper with the Wayne Enterprises letterhead because I want that note. I would frame it. And display it. Forever.

      Also, ‘hard’ is not an adverb, E. L. James.

      • Who wouldn’t? If you find a man who claims he would not proudly display proof of an orgasm owed by Batman, I say that you have met a liar.

      • Upon further thought, I realize ‘hard’ actually can be used as an adverb. Well, don’t I look stupid now?

    • Wait, is this batman to Bruce Wayne? LOL, This is how he makes notes to make sure to rub one out.

      “You did a real good job catching the Joker last night, I owe you an orgasm.”

      Dear god, I’m cracking myself up.

      • I was thinking that it might be left for Catwoman or something but that’s much more entertaining.

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